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    Hello all, have been admiring other members work and have purchased many theme's from here. So, I have decided to attempt on creating something to give back to the community. This is a set of icons that I am in the process of making, kinda rough, but still tweaking. One of these days, may venture into a complete theme, but I have little time to sit down and do a major project. Comments and suggestions welcome.

    Chrome DroidEyeCons Download:

    DroidEyeCons Dark Download:

    My Icons (WIP)-icon_sample.png
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    2013-03-07 01:46 AM
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    your icon frame is unique and interesting... looks cool
    2013-03-07 02:00 AM
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    Very nice looking good job
    2013-03-07 02:06 AM
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    Thanks for the replies. The icon base is based off the Droid Eye, I just got through making some forum thread icons based upon the same thing and thought it would make pretty good iphone icons. Also working on a chrome version.

    Here's a chrome version.

    May do two sets, the original for light bg's and chrome for dark bg's.
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    2013-03-07 02:36 AM
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    Interesting project Ken, I hope you continue. Really good work mate.
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    2013-03-07 03:28 AM
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    Here's a live preview of both.

    2013-03-07 04:05 AM
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    Here's another live preview, only thing is, there is a shadow behind my springjumps, trying to get that resolved.

    2013-03-07 06:01 AM
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    Op updated with release of the chrome icons, along with psd file, enjoy or not
    2013-03-08 03:12 AM
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    Dark icons added to op.
    2013-03-09 01:36 AM