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    I have a couple of themes on my device and overall I'm happy with what they deliver, but when going to all apps section of these themes I don't really like how the app icons look (frankly it's the only thing i hate and keep me from not using themes daily). I love what Apple has done with the original app icons so I would want to bring that classic stylish look to those Dreamboard themes that I have.

    I have look at the themes folder through iFile and find out what I wanted to change are IconOverlay, IconMask and IconBackground. I know they're images and I tried replacing them but it didn't work, figure it has something to do with the Theme.plist file.

    But I don't really know anything about coding and, when I tried to search for those files name in the plist it comes up with nothing.

    So I think I would really use and appreciate some devs' helps around here to get me to use these beautiful themes everyday. that would make my everyday life a lot happier.

    Thanks a lot for all of your help.
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