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    Please let me know if this problem has already been answered, but I've spent a lot of time looking for a solution and couldn't find any discussion on this particular topic.

    My issue is that I've downloaded a theme that I found from Themes modified by me and I used iFile to load it into Winterboard as a theme. The theme provides these tiny custom icon images for all of the native apps + Cydia + Winterboard, but none of the App Store ones have their own icon. Instead, the creator uses some kind of Mask/Overlay/Shadow to crop the other app icons into a shape that fits the theme a bit better. So far so good.

    The issue is that I've got tons of icons that I want to substitute for the ones from the App Store. I was able to customize these using iFile. I identified the name of the original icon, created a new folder within my theme's bundles for the given app, and substituted the new image file. When I resprung, I realized that the Mask/Overlay/Shadow bugs whenever I try to swap out icons in the App Store apps. See this screenshot:

    Difficulty customizing a Winterboard theme-photo-mar-13-12-06-35-am.png

    I left DropBox, Sparrow, and Camera+ unedited so you can see what the overlay does when functioning normally. In the dock though, you'll see that my attempt at customizing the Google Maps icon causes a big black gap in the space between the small new icon and the larger overlay. In my attempts to diagnose the problem, I tried swapping out and customizing icons for the native apps, and this problem does not come up at all with native apps. It only occurs when I try to further customize App Store ones.

    Any guidance - even a referral to another thread that addresses this topic - would be greatly appreciated! And yes, I know the theme is super embarrassing so it's painful for me to even come asking for help.
    2013-03-14 05:26 AM
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    Have a look here if you haven't. there is a specific section on this

    It's to do with the MobileIcons and Transparent issue.

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    2013-03-24 12:53 AM
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    I've actually found a solution from this site: Black background behind icons - CarbonX Pro - Elegant and stylish theme for your iPhone 4/4S/5!

    I'm going to try the guide you linked instead, since the solution I found earlier required me to go in and change local files instead of theme files only.
    2013-03-25 04:12 AM