1. Rhardin21's Avatar
    I've seen u can jailbreak a iPod 4 with redsnow but its tethered.... I've always heard to avoid tethered jailbreaks is that true if so why...
    2013-03-21 01:38 PM
  2. 2k1's Avatar
    Not so much avoid them they still do the job just gotta be careful with what ya do with cydia don't wanna respring or reboot ya phone with a tethered jailbreak. Cause only way to git it back is to boot back tethered with a pc or Mac.
    2013-03-21 02:19 PM
  3. Rhardin21's Avatar
    That sounds like a pain.... :-(
    2013-03-21 03:35 PM
  4. 2k1's Avatar
    Could be yes. That's why the dev team came out with a semi tethered but don't know if they have one yet for 6.1.3 yet
    2013-03-21 03:41 PM
  5. King_O_Hill's Avatar
    You can respring, it is only a reboot that requires you to be connected to a PC/Mac

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    2013-03-21 03:43 PM
  6. 2k1's Avatar
    Ah ok
    2013-03-21 04:29 PM
  7. Rhardin21's Avatar
    So it is worth doing a tethered jailbreak on my iPod or not.
    2013-03-23 03:10 PM
  8. 2k1's Avatar
    i had it on my older phones for almost 6 months it wasnt that bad just got to watch what ya doing
    2013-03-23 03:24 PM