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    I am pulling my hair out trying to sort out an issue i have with the HTC Animated PPhtml with GPS widget.

    I am using the widget with iWidgets and everything is working ok except that i have an issue with the height of the active area of the widget

    I use the widget on the top half of my home screen and then using Gridlock place my icons on the bottom two row of the homescreen.

    However the active area of the HTC widget means that the first row of icons (3 row down) can only be activated by clicking on the description.

    If you look at the screenshot you will see on the left a white line that shows the active area of the widget and that it comes most of the way down the first line of app icons

    HTC Animated Widget HELP !!!!!-img_3938.png

    I have tried loads of things to get the active area shorter but am at a loss

    Any help would be greatfully recieved

    2013-03-22 01:29 PM