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    It's not really a theme launch as this theme is on ModMyI for little more than a week now.
    But I went crazy about this project and added ton of stuff in 1.2 version. So, I'm sharing with you guys.

    This theme is from the game "FEZ", a XBLA game that will soon be released to PC.
    If you don't know FEZ, check this out : FEZ | Polytron Corporation

    Loved the game and wanted something colorful on my iPhone, so i checked on cydia and found FEZ Lockscreen. I found out that many things about it were not quite right for me in that version so I decided to create this FEZ Lockscreen 2

    If you gave a shot to 1.1 or below, please consider giving it an another chance since 1.2 changed a LOT of things and is now fully stable.

    Now, about the theme : 3 pictures (worth three thousand words !)

    You can see 3 environments out of the 4 present in the theme. This leads us to the theme features :
    - 3D models and animations
    - Interactive clock with AM/PM function
    - Hidden 3D huge animation
    - Day/Night cycle with smooth transitions
    - Interactive Gomez (mostly at night and sometimes around nap time)

    - Fluid on both iPhone 4S AND iPhone 4
    - High fidelity to the game !

    It will need Winterboard and Lockscreen Clock Hide in order to work properly.
    I also strongly recommend Lockscreen Dim Delay as the main animation is longer than default duration.

    You can find it on ModMyI (FREE) : FEZ Lockscreen 2

    My main idea was to strictly focus my work to Lockscreen in order to make it as advanced as possible and to let the user the choice of the "inner-style" of the iPhone (and also because I would have liked to download such a thing myself..)

    Thanks to un4given for the original idea and theme that triggered all this (you can find it here) and of course thanks to Phil Fish for having made such an epic game !

    Attached Thumbnails FEZ Lockscreen 2 (v1.2)-img_0062.png   FEZ Lockscreen 2 (v1.2)-img_0075.png   FEZ Lockscreen 2 (v1.2)-img_0078.png   FEZ Lockscreen 2 (v1.2)-forummmipictures.png  
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    Ha! So cool! I have always been fascinated by the game, although I never got to play it. I don't own an Xbox. I'll try it later tonight and let you know how it goes
    2013-03-26 07:54 PM
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    Did you know that it'll come to PC on May the 1st on steam ?
    2013-03-27 01:52 AM
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    The bug is fixed, there seems to be a huge delay between edit submission and publishment.
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    Yes I heard it was coming out. I only have a laptop though. Perhaps I can use keyboard to play it xD

    I have an issue. After tapping the gold thingy, and when the sound plays, snowcover takes over the screen so you can't see the fez lock screen anymore.
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    Well apparently winterboard' sounds aren't compatible with snowcover :/
    2013-03-27 11:09 PM