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  1. k44's Avatar
    My ipad is all screwed up im using 6.1.2. Is there anyway to restore 6.1.2? I have tired the erase in settngs and it does not do anything simply hangs up.

    I have my blobs saved but as far as I know there is no way to restore to 6.1.2
    2013-03-26 05:50 PM
  2. 2k1's Avatar
    Can't be done sorry
    2013-03-26 06:14 PM
  3. k44's Avatar
    Why don't the erase everything in the settings work after a jailbrake?
    2013-03-26 06:39 PM
  4. 2k1's Avatar
    Puts the device in a boot loop
    2013-03-26 06:46 PM
  5. k44's Avatar
    Yes but what does the jailbreak mod for it to no longer work?
    2013-03-26 07:10 PM
  6. wythyntime's Avatar
    I'm sorry I'm just curious.

    I was still under the assumption that if the blob is saved, it can be downgraded. No??
    2013-03-29 01:01 AM
  7. 2k1's Avatar
    Depends on what device ya have
    2013-03-29 01:10 AM
  8. wythyntime's Avatar
    ahh,, ic
    thanks for the insight.
    2013-03-29 05:49 PM
  9. daytraderjo's Avatar
    So, if someone can please confirm.....

    my ipad 3 will now only show the apple logo after using the evasi0n jailbreak for a month.
    so, it can't be restored to ios 6.1.2, (current version)despite never upgrading anything past this version?
    Itunes only allows me fresh restore with latest ios, not to restore to backup

    There is no way I can currently have my ipad 3 jailbroken ipad at the moment, correct?
    May not even be able to have any ipad, but that's another story.

    Just would like to confirm this.

    FYI - this all happened when I downloaded AND PAID $10 FOR the "PKGbackup tweak".

    Tried to back everything up, followed all instructions, and this is what happens. What a scam.
    Never use this software unless u know how to fix this sorta thing.

    Thanks for ur responses. I have tried everything.
    2013-03-31 02:24 PM
  10. 2k1's Avatar
    Can't be done if you restore you will have to go to 6.1.3
    2013-03-31 02:25 PM
  11. daytraderjo's Avatar
    Any other suggestions that maybe I hadn't thought of?
    Can I Try another computer perhaps?
    Can I transfer my old backup (gives me error message) to another windows pc?
    Use an ispw file or backup on a different machine?

    Did my old 6.1.2 backup instantly become junk once ios 6.1.3 came out?

    Sorry, and im sure ur right when u say its not possible.
    it's just hard for me to accept this as fact.

    We as a community were in fact lied to by the jail breaking teams. We were "supposed" to be able to be able to restore if the device/jailbreak stopped working. as long as we never upgraded our ios software. (As I did not)

    I spent a lot of money on "tweaks" that are now useless!!

    I'm looking for someone that may habe some suggestions as to something i can do, somewhere?
    Anyone? Sigh.
    2013-03-31 06:08 PM
  12. DC_Dave's Avatar
    Hi, if you are stuck on the Apple logo, you might try booting while pressing the volume up button in (presuming you haven't already tried it)
    2013-03-31 07:16 PM
  13. iglitare's Avatar
    i have a kind of similar problem here, but with an ipad 2:

    itīs stuck on the "enter password" screen at the beginning (as soon as you turn it on) an my brother forgot the password he entered...
    Iphone is jailbroken, but i really donīt know on what firmware he was.
    The dumbass has made no backups, nothing.
    What can we do to reset the device, or reset only the passwort, but maintain the jailbreak?
    Itunes restore will put it on 6.1.3 which is no good for jailbreak...
    other options?
    Can i reset the passwort with ssh?
    I only read about root password reset via ssh and similar.
    But he has forgotten the passoword at the beginning.
    Any ideas?
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    2013-05-16 03:45 PM
  14. DC_Dave's Avatar
    Hi, google "iPhone lockscreen hack" there were some bugs in recent iOS updates which allowed you to bypass the lockscreen, worth a go anyway!
    2013-05-16 07:07 PM
  15. iglitare's Avatar
    ok, thanks, i will take a lock.
    Is there any chance to determine on what firmware the ipad actually is?
    2013-05-16 08:51 PM
  16. DC_Dave's Avatar
    Does iTunes or Redsnow display your iOS when locked?
    2013-05-17 01:09 AM
  17. Darkedge's Avatar
    If your device is in a semi-functioning state and you wish to restore it to factory default check out iLexRat.
    2013-05-27 10:26 AM