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    I have some weird trouble with cydia and many other games/apps, it shows as a like an iPhone app. So i decided to uninstall all of the downloaded tweaks by using the safe mode option. I think that it's better to start clean, and re-jailbreak. So then, i tried to restore back to 6.1.2 because it works with my iPod Touch 4, but it was no success. I entered DFU mode, recovery mode and still getting the random iTunes errors such as (11, 1600 and etc). Can you guide me to restore and set up a new iPad and re-jailbreak again from scratch? Thanks
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    Devices :
    Galaxy Nexus 4.2.2 Rooted
    iPod touch 4 (unused)
    Galaxy Tab 10.1 4.2.2 Rooted
    iPad Mini
    2013-03-28 01:26 AM
  2. 2k1's Avatar
    You will have to go to 6.1.3 can't go lower are stay the same firmware
    2013-03-28 02:41 AM
  3. alvin2098's Avatar
    Is it true that if I upgrade to 6.1.3, I can't downgrade?
    2013-03-28 07:59 AM
  4. 2k1's Avatar
    That's correct
    2013-03-28 08:02 AM
  5. alvin2098's Avatar
    What should I do then?
    2013-03-28 08:02 AM
  6. 2k1's Avatar
    If you can't find what's causing you to go in safe mode and delete it restore is your only option
    2013-03-28 08:07 AM
  7. alvin2098's Avatar
    Well, I deleted mobile substrate which deletes all of my tweaks to clean it up but If there's no way to restore to 6.1.2, I'll just stay there and wait. Thanks for your replies
    2013-03-28 08:10 AM
  8. 2k1's Avatar
    Ya welcome sorry wish I had better news
    2013-03-28 08:15 AM