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    Hey guys, I'm pretty sure this is the right board to be posting on, i did quite a lot of clicking around to find it, but anyway:
    (As a note, i just Jailbroke my phone last week, so I'm new to this forum and Cydia)

    I'm having some issues with winterboard themes. I downloaded the most recent winterboard and the theme (Knight Rider Ultimate) for my iPhone 4s. I received no errors with either install and the phone restarted fine. However, when i look at screenshots, they do not match what my phone looks like.

    Instead of typing it, i took some pictures because they explain it a lot better than I could.

    How the Lock Screen Should Look:
    HELP! Themes will not update icons or lock sliders...-img_1399.png

    How Mine Looks:
    HELP! Themes will not update icons or lock sliders...-img_1398.png

    How The Home screen Should Look:
    HELP! Themes will not update icons or lock sliders...-img_1403.png

    How Mine Looks:
    HELP! Themes will not update icons or lock sliders...-img_1404.png
    (A note my home screen: i know the icons aren't spaced, i have iBlank i just didn't configure it yet)

    The theme should change these things correct? Or am i missing some crucial apps that allow the theme to change this? I'm very ignorant at this point on the whole jailbreak thing but im working under the assumption that the screenshots on the page should mimic what the package does.

    Also, if I turn the summerboard mode on on winterboard, the phone crashes and boots to safe mode, so that won't work. Apparently that doesn't work on 6.1.2 or retina displays. I couldn't find a clear answer.

    Any help would be appreciated!

    2013-03-29 03:45 AM
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    Never seen the theme before, but it may not be updated for newer firmware. Looks like it's an older theme from 2009. You may want to search our forum for newer themes.
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    2013-03-29 03:54 AM
  3. 5kylar's Avatar
    It's just how Winterboard is reading the theme. The bundle identifiers and IUImages are probably messed up with the wrong names. Happens when a theme was made for one iOS and apple changes all the Image names and directory locations in their next iOS version. You can fix it manually but it will take a bit of work and know how of Winterboard themes. Btw Winterboard is great for minor tweaks to the IU but in larger scale themes it puts a real drain on your battery life.
    iPhone 5c - iOS 7.0.4 Jailbroken
    2013-03-29 07:01 PM
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    Thanks for the responses blkcadi and 5kylar! For now ill check out all of the other themes Cydia has to offer, perhaps one day ill see about making that theme work completely :P.
    2013-03-30 03:03 AM