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    I'm running 5.1.1 on an ipad 2 and for some reason Cydia cannot download any packages, install, or search any programs. It starts up fine, but doesn't show any packages installed, doesn't show any changes, doesn't show any installed programs, and returns no results when I search for programs. It doesn't give any error messages, just doesn't return any results. It also gives errors when updating database on packages that I have removed.

    So I was going to use absinthe to re-jailbreak, but I installed Recoverguard when Cydia was working and of course I cannot un-install it because Cydia does not show it as installed. My iOS version is 5.1.1 (9z999) so absinthe cannot jailbreak it.

    Anyone know how I can proceed to fix this? Maybe somehow re-install Cydia, do a full restore (although I don't know how that will go since iOS shows a version of 9z999)? I have saved shsh from tinyumbrella 5.1.1
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