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    Well I must be doing something wrong I dropped it in the listed location and renamed but no change in Cydia or iFile
    EDITED, thanks guys !
    It's /System/Library/Frameworks/UIKit.framework/
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    The theme in my posts is 3 4 All, by Sk37cH.

    The numerous versions released, and infinite versatility, beats IconOmatic mods. By quality.
    2013-06-09 05:39 PM
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    Can u share ur widget ?
    2013-06-09 05:59 PM
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    anyway you can share that wallpaper? if you have twitter i can just follow you and save it on there?
    2013-06-09 06:09 PM
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    It's /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/UIKit.framework/
    I'm not seeing this.
    2013-06-09 06:13 PM
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    Me today

    Love the bottom right icon!! Why don't you make your own theme and call it.. Mone
    2013-06-09 06:15 PM
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    sent you pm
    2013-06-09 06:26 PM
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    iWidget by The Drifter

    2013-06-09 06:26 PM
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    Think I got OCD

    Thanks to bars, mone and all involved
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    2013-06-09 06:36 PM
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    [QUOTE=Papichulo74;6894188][QUOTE=Pocyahtstu Santana;6894166]haha waasup brother?
    how you been?
    i just came on to see if i seen anything new i might wanna snatch up..
    lots of great new talent here for E6

    @ Papichulo
    i saved the image every way possible, it has a white frame around it.
    can u see if its me or if u can upload it again?
    i am not using PS atn so i cant clean it up
    ty again if u can help

    Try this


    Or this

    Ty @papi that works
    2013-06-09 06:40 PM
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    iWidget by The Drifter

    Clean. Nice work Drifter
    2013-06-09 06:40 PM
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    @mone could you please put download file for this wallpaper https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/...imply%20e6.png
    2013-06-09 06:41 PM
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    Hi Man, you rename it [email protected]k and you drop it in:


    Respring and you are done. ( It doesn't just theme cydia, it will theme ifile, and other apps not themed so far...

    I really like it
    This is the file right? And I only see UIKitFramework not UIFramework

    2013-06-09 06:46 PM
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    Nice wall "papichulo74"

    Think I got OCD

    2013-06-09 06:50 PM
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    sent pm

    would really appreciate it if someone could help me get that wallpaper on page 1325 that robertus shared but when click on link cannot save it
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    2013-06-09 06:50 PM
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    This is the file right? And I only see UIKitFramework not UIFramework

    Yes sorry, my mistake, it's UIKitFramework will change that, Just rename the file [email protected]k and drop it in UIKitFramework respring and done!!
    2013-06-09 06:58 PM
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    Should be ma'am, not man
    Correction made😊
    2013-06-09 06:58 PM
  17. antoine52200's Avatar
    So, just to be clear,

    Unzip the zip file, take the artwork file, rename it exactly [email protected]k , then go via ifile or funbox... to :

    System/Library/Frameworks/UIKitFramework, there is already a [email protected]k file in it, make a copy of it somewhere, and just paste my artwork file inside, respring and done!!

    Any question don't hesitate to ask or pm me...
    2013-06-09 07:01 PM
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    could you please put download dropbox file instead of just link to the picture ty
    2013-06-09 07:03 PM
  19. antoine52200's Avatar
    It's /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/UIKit.framework/
    Are you on iphone 4?

    On iphone 5 it's just System/Library/Frameworks/UIKitFrameworks
    2013-06-09 07:04 PM
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    Anyone can share the old keyboard ???
    2013-06-09 07:14 PM