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  1. 2k1's Avatar
    Sorry to hear that ya family in our prayers.
    2013-07-12 07:59 PM
  2. wes44's Avatar
    Sorry to hear that ya family in our prayers.
    Ty 2k1 appreciated bro prayers are right back at you and your family to sir
    2013-07-12 08:03 PM
  3. Alfroggy's Avatar
    I'm sorry for your loss John.
    The theme in my posts is 3 4 All, by Sk37cH.

    The numerous versions released, and infinite versatility, beats IconOmatic mods. By quality.
    2013-07-12 08:26 PM
  4. G-weezy's Avatar
    Damn John. Sorry to hear that.
    "I have no answers, just useless questions."
    "There are no strangers in this world, just friends we haven't made"
    2013-07-12 08:32 PM
  5. Bulldog5278's Avatar
    Sorry for your loss John,my prayers are with you and your family,
    2013-07-12 08:40 PM
  6. MamaJaay's Avatar
    Sorry to hear this. The loss of someone close is unbearably hard most times. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
    2013-07-12 09:12 PM
  7. ELLSBLACK6's Avatar
    Still rolling with this (-;Attachment 644424Attachment 644425
    That is 🔥🔥🔥🔥
    2013-07-12 09:28 PM
  8. Fattone66's Avatar
    Just wanted to stop in and say hello to all the wonderful great elite friends ill be gone for awhile my mom passed away early this morning. Y'all. Take care c ya soon check out the iOS 7 translucent keyboard

    Here is an iOS 7 keyboard that I made complete with transparency : iOSthemes. I did not make sharing and caring
    My prayers for you and your family.
    2013-07-12 09:42 PM
  9. dannyk1984's Avatar
    Rolling with this today.Attachment 644427Attachment 644428

    My prayers for you and your family john
    2013-07-12 09:57 PM
  10. Krima's Avatar
    In my case all packages still remain present and some visible on SB but removed from cydia packages list but with some corrupt file somewhere. Thats why my SB keeps crashing.

    I am now installing sbsettings and will try to disable one after another tweak to see where is the problem.

    found 2 tweaks: RAMstats and BatteryStats who gave safe mode in my case.
    After removing these my iphone is again working so far without safe mode.

    I do not want to point my finger in any direction for I do not know why these tweaks gave a problem im my case but please be careful.
    I have now felt what it is like to be close to losing a jailbreak and do not wish anyone the same problem.
    When I first installed that battery tweak I had crashes and I got stuck at the Apple logo. I was able to get it resolved but it wasn't a good feeling.
    2013-07-12 10:47 PM
  11. wes44's Avatar
    Thanks to all of you here hope y'all have a blessed evening take care ill catch up soon
    2013-07-12 10:54 PM
  12. ELLSBLACK6's Avatar
    Some different weather icons (-;Attachment 644429

    Looking real nice there bro😉

    Tone is that frame on your icons the cylon iwidget?
    Bulldog... Which lock screen is that you're using with this theme?
    2013-07-12 10:59 PM
  13. map1978's Avatar
    Been MIA for a longgggggg time around these parts...real life has taking me away from my modding unfortunately :/
    Still rockin e6 all day

    Hope everyone is doing well and thanks to those who keep this thread going strong as ever

    2013-07-13 12:24 AM
  14. 2k1's Avatar
    Sounds good looks good bro keep rocking.
    2013-07-13 01:08 AM
  15. dannyk1984's Avatar
    2013-07-13 01:49 AM
  16. Mav1971's Avatar
    Prayers up for you and your family John may God smile on you

    Not to sound flippant after my last post but DAMN MAP! Been looong time is right! Totally missed you around here!
    2013-07-13 02:13 AM
  17. CosmeKid's Avatar
    When you restore with PKGBackup you can deselect certain tweaks you don't want to restore with. When I opened PKGBackup I hit restore. Then I click on packages. There I removed the tweaks I think caused the problem. Then I restored it. From reading in the thread I disabled Space+ before restoring.


    Just ask here or PM is fine. But it might take me a bit to get to it. I'm focused on job hunting right now.
    No problem. No hurry. I've been busy lately too. So I know what you mean. I'll get them to you. Thanks
    2013-07-13 04:02 AM
  18. RkoViper81's Avatar
    Hey everyone where can I download the bite SMS files for Elite6
    2013-07-13 05:41 AM
  19. Mav1971's Avatar
    Hey everyone where can I download the bite SMS files for Elite6
    I believe they are in there already

    Just go into BiteSMS settings and choose themes E6
    2013-07-13 12:52 PM
  20. 2k1's Avatar
    Morning all
    2013-07-13 01:12 PM