1. WhyNotCallMeRo's Avatar
    GamePlayer Slate and loader:

    2013-04-04 02:28 PM
  2. Jennimoaddict's Avatar
    An idea of a folder icon:
    Attachment 630075
    This one is for online stuff, but I'm thinking about the globe icon, I'll search for a better one and then I'll do the rest
    2013-04-04 02:28 PM
  3. 2k1's Avatar
    Dreamboard slate:

    That looks good thank you.
    2013-04-04 02:32 PM
  4. WhyNotCallMeRo's Avatar
    fruit Ninja slate and loader:

    2013-04-04 02:34 PM
  5. 2k1's Avatar
    I'm loving them loaders
    2013-04-04 02:35 PM
  6. WhyNotCallMeRo's Avatar
    Word Boxer slate and loader:

    2013-04-04 02:40 PM
  7. SnIppy's Avatar
    Anyone have a link for a user pic lock? Tia!
    2013-04-04 02:44 PM
  8. WhyNotCallMeRo's Avatar
    Dreamboard second try on slate and loader:

    2013-04-04 02:46 PM
  9. nealh's Avatar
    Anybody using Springtomize 2 and Gridlock 2 without any crashes?
    I used Gridlock 2 and everytime I installed new apps from AppStore the SB would crash and ruin all my folders and also some of the apps disappeared so I uninstalled it.
    I use them together with no apparent issue. I have found that using sbsettings to deactivate all mobile substates and turning them on 1 by 1 I can find what the real conflict is/was. I found in the past this helped, pain in the rear.
    2013-04-04 02:52 PM
  10. WhyNotCallMeRo's Avatar
    iCleaner slate and loader:

    2013-04-04 02:54 PM
  11. Darka5sa5sin's Avatar
    This is how the Elite roll.... definitely not changing from this setup!!

    2013-04-04 02:59 PM
  12. 2k1's Avatar
    iCleaner slate and loader:

    Gonna use that one
    2013-04-04 03:00 PM
  13. Bacardi85's Avatar
    Word Boxer slate and loader:

    broo i love it thankss your the mannn keep it up for your great talent
    2013-04-04 03:03 PM
  14. WhyNotCallMeRo's Avatar
    Stocks slate icon and loader (also in Dutch)

    broo i love it thankss your the mannn keep it up for your great talent
    Just figured it out today and love the fact that guys and girls dig it
    2013-04-04 03:06 PM
  15. Bacardi85's Avatar
    here you go:

    broo can you cut the nails? thats is hilarious lol )) hahahah
    2013-04-04 03:07 PM
  16. WhyNotCallMeRo's Avatar
    Winterboard slate and loader (look how happy that snowman is?!)

    2013-04-04 03:13 PM
  17. Bacardi85's Avatar
    lets stay classy with elite6 all the way, love it

    2013-04-04 03:14 PM
  18. GuiltyGearIsaac's Avatar
    iCleaner slate and loader:

    2013-04-04 03:15 PM
  19. mb6989iP4s's Avatar
    This is for the next time my new simple setup. I made the layout with IconoclasmLayoutMaker myself. The Idea for this setup occured to me on the toilette. Maybe I have tommorow a better idea

    elite 6 - a suit and tie affair-img_0020.png

    So anybody want to have sex with my SB?
    2013-04-04 03:19 PM
  20. WhyNotCallMeRo's Avatar
    backboard slate icon and loader

    So anybody want to have sex with my SB?
    2013-04-04 03:21 PM