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    [QUOTE=MamaJaay;6833075]OK...last call for iconrequests for v 1.6 Dark Glyphs.

    If you already PM'd me yesterday, then I ve done yours.

    up to 210 apps/tweaks ATM

    i pm'd you a list ,did you see it? thnx alot
    2013-04-11 06:39 PM
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    Thought I'd end the day on a happy post. I remember some of you modders when u first started coming around here. Some of you emerged later while i was not paying attn. it amazes me what you all can do now. i like to have fun but i do appreciate and know the time it takes and the pride in seeing you work being used. also the cringe when it is misused or miscredited.
    I didn't know really anything about coding but had learned how to tweak things and had lots of ideas. Some widgets were from an idea i fed to others. Many of my widgets were created with smoke n mirrors. Spring jump page overlays boss paper HTML whatever I could hack together. Problem was I didn't really understand CSS and HTML so it was all trial and error. Respring after respring after respring..... What some of you can do in a few took me all night. Much was done behind the scenes for people who Pm'd me. I never said no. Someone would ask me how to get this to do or look like that, how to combine his with hers and I'd send it to them the next day, I doubt they knew I was up all night figuring it out. We joke but this stuff really can be addicting. I caught myself at times when I realized I was on the computer or in ifile while my kid was in the other room or even right next to me. The lack of sleep b4 going to work. So, It is with great effort that I don't "play" with things anymore. A little like an addict staying away from bars (pun intended).

    Why am I babbling? To say thank you for feeding our cravings, adding a little escapism into our phones. Being so damn creative and smart that even if I did create something new it would be amateur hour.
    Thanks for giving everyone a look into your role in this community and for being Elite with us Floppy! Glad to have you around.

    Here is Mone's newest SB widget modded to fit the, unfortunately, small 4/4S screen. Due to lack of space, a few things were removed because of space. Namely, the time and date. It just seemed like it would be too crowded with all of that. I hope everyone likes where I took it. There is a 3x3 icono layout in the extras folder as well.
    Mone's SB
    Bumping for the 4/4S crowd on Elite 6. Once again Eric answered the bat signal lol

    I like that layout from your drawing MJ .. I just changed quickly
    Haha glad you got a laugh out of our shenanigans

    This has got to be my favorite of the EveryMe icons so far brother, love it!

    Clean and simple.
    Attachment 631745
    Most defenitely! That widget is perfect with Razor style!

    Exceptionally I have saved as psd lol .. pick out what you need
    Just what I was looking for, thank you so much for this and all that you do Mone!

    Working on something. This is the first proof of concept. Gonna try and overlay it on a actual cylon face in the end. Credits to Durben for the icon and base iwidget here (basically used bits of his moving gears iwidget to start and then added the "eye").
    I see a storm is brewing with this one. Can't wait to see the finished product! So say we all!
    2013-04-11 06:43 PM
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    If so what does that mean because there is one in the e6 theme as well as mone's
    I'd be willing to bet that you have a theme that includes a blank UIImage named [email protected] or [email protected].
    2013-04-11 06:48 PM
  4. MamaJaay's Avatar
    I started a thread for this eons ago....

    but here is the lockscreen Line fix winterboard theme
    2013-04-11 06:49 PM
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    It's not... LoL. I just have all the visual elements turned off. That's my work box. My Mac is my true love
    I'm must teasing u..thought it was funny to see that UI

    Here is my latest...managed to keep my SB mostly the same for more than a day! lol
    Where in the css file can I get rid of the dot next to am/pm
    This is the e6 time date widget

    2013-04-11 06:54 PM
  6. Bulldog5278's Avatar
    Could some kind person share the Auros slider with me?the thin one I'm so wanting to theme my lock screen but without it,it looks s..t tia
    2013-04-11 06:56 PM
  7. snakeeater01's Avatar
    Could some kind person share the Auros slider with me?the thin one I'm so wanting to theme my lock screen but without it,it looks s..t tia
    Slider from a payed Theme ,crazy?
    2013-04-11 07:03 PM
  8. jawonder's Avatar

    The slider is jellylock beta modded > Development on Jailbroken iOS: Updating the Update...

    Check the bonus folder before request

    Download >>> New lockscreen (with jellylock beta). Download*... - Zooropalg
    How do i set up the tap to unlock that's on this ?.
    2013-04-11 07:07 PM
  9. Mav1971's Avatar
    elite 6 - a suit and tie affair-img_0102.png
    Mine as of right now lol
    Credits to Mone, as well as several others I'm sure just wanted to say thank you for the patience and desire to help everyone!
    2013-04-11 07:07 PM
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    Just a standard weather icons. Got from one of Mone's themes many pages back. Justed used that with a lesser 'z-index' value than the Overlay.
    I just finished going through all pages, and I will not do it again... But I saw that iwidget many times. It looks like that "e6 zoo weather" widget but with different pictures.
    What's the name? Or the name of the theme it belongs to?


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    2013-04-11 07:09 PM
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    Morning everyone
    2013-04-11 07:10 PM
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    I'd be willing to bet that you have a theme that includes a blank UIImage named [email protected] or [email protected].
    i asked the same question around 3 days ago like i said i was wondering how to delete that freaking line.. but at the end i delete wellock and it worked it comes from the lock and not the navigation bar shadow lol anyways mamajaay solved the problem with the zip haha
    2013-04-11 07:15 PM
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    Just awesome!!! Elite by rob and Widget by Max- Deadly Combination!!!!

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    2013-04-11 07:17 PM
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    Morning everyone
    Good morning to you
    2013-04-11 07:18 PM
  15. snakeeater01's Avatar
    @jawonder:as i told you need the jelly bean lock in cydia for this and set Zoo's [email protected] in the jelly lock tweak sssh or iFile needed
    2013-04-11 07:18 PM
  16. DanOptic's Avatar
    Has anyone got that ironman LS?
    updated the LS Minimalisty thing and lost it
    2013-04-11 07:19 PM
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    I know all of you have already advanced to a next level, but I have a problem. Downloaded Theme, OK, but downloading wallpapers, not OK During the install, I got this message

    Problem solved, sorry, I uninstalled Mac Wallpapers and everything OK again. I just don't understand, what's the connection????
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    2013-04-11 07:24 PM
  18. Chula's Avatar
    How do i set up the tap to unlock that's on this ?.
    I also have the same proble and I download it jellylock from Cydia and what I get is the circle with the lock in the middle not the device unloack like this one Please Help...
    2013-04-11 07:31 PM
  19. Mav1971's Avatar
    What was the name of that widget by Max again?
    Ha nvm found it, do you know how to turn off the animated weather?
    Just awesome!!! Elite by rob and Widget by Max- Deadly Combination!!!!

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    2013-04-11 07:33 PM
  20. MamaJaay's Avatar
    Rocking the pink Elite today. Yes... UI all pink

    2013-04-11 07:40 PM