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    Ok so i didnt know where to post this, but i think this is the right spot. I was trying to edit the icon set for the Metro U Mini theme for Dreamboard. I was trying to change the phone icon, but it wouldnt change in the dreamboard theme folder, so a thread i found suggested changing the apps icon itself in the MobilePhone.app folder. I wasnt stupid, i made a backup of of the image in my camera roll before deleteing the icon. i deleted the .png file and replaced it with my image using the same name and extension. the icon wouldnt show up at all so i replaced it with the original and made sure all the properties were the same as before. my phone still wont show up! i cant make calls from the contacts app or even find it in spotlight. i tried reseting it and restoring from a back up, even reseting the home screen layout but it still wont show up. im running ios 6.1.2 on a 4s and a full restore would upgrade to 6.1.3 which there is no jailbreak for yet. any other options? please help.
    2013-04-04 06:27 PM
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    My thoughts are if you struggle to get any replies here to post in the 6X thread...a lot of talented ppl are involved with it that may see your question pop up there than here. But if someone helps you out here then that's all good.

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    2013-04-04 10:09 PM