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    Hey guys, My name is Zyris and as you can see, i'm new here. Glad to join a community as big and supportive as ModMyi!

    Anyways, this is the project that i have begun and i decided to make a post right as i start this so i can give updates and get beta testers(not for a while yet) when i need them. Also feel free to ask any question, give advice and ideas you think would be AWESOME to add to a theme.


    2013-04-10:Project Start (So it Begins)
    2013-04-11:Added Screenshots (Very Early)
    2013-04-15:Updated Screenshots/Coded bottom buttons for messages, ifile, settings,phone and cydia

    Things Being Added/Worked On (feel free to suggest)

    Not Started
    In Progress

    Animated Clock Widget
    Live Weather Widget
    App Icons
    Multiple Customizable Pages (ie. a personal page, a work page etc...)
    Editable Appgrids
    Customized Status Bar(dont know if i will make one, or just incorporate it somewhere else
    Basic UI

    Kurash HD {indev}(0.0.1)-photo-2013-04-15-5-50-56-pm.png


    Art: Zyris

    Coding: Zyris

    Contact me:

    Email:[email protected]
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    any idea when we can expect screenshots?
    2013-04-11 11:49 PM
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    any idea when we can expect screenshots?
    After I finish a little of the art, I will upload a rough idea of where the theme is headed, as I started this project yesterday( on top of having school) the screen shots i upload will only be rough, no widgets or anything yet, but I should have them up in an hour or two
    2013-04-11 11:53 PM
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    this thread broke in the editor, so please go to the new thread
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    Want me to delete this one?
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    yes please.

    please do.
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    Very nice
    2013-04-15 05:12 PM
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    Very nice
    Thank you
    2013-04-16 01:58 AM