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    Yesterday after i rebooted my phone, i got these strange page icons on my springboard, they are about 4 pages with these icons, i never saw these icons and i dont know what to do. I tried to reboot the phone without mobilesubstrate to see if a tweak was culprid for this but they are still there. Im not able to restore cuz i loose my jailbreak, im on iphone 5 iOS 6.1.2. Does anyone had this issue before or could give me some ideas where i can start, i really donīt know what to do. Help is greatly appreciated.

    got it, it was a problem with the latest theme installed EXXOS i uninstalled it and the icons are gone!
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    2013-04-12 10:25 AM
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    They're not a problem. They are the "Springjumps" icons included with the exxos theme to make it work properly.
    2013-04-12 01:01 PM