1. Bullholder's Avatar
    Well guys, I need help, thought I would get it from you

    So, I have iOS 5, and I decided now was the time to get up to 6.1 since evasi0n released the new jailbreak. But it has been so hard

    I knew all the steps to restore etc. from iTunes, but error 3194 kept popping up, so I googled it and done all different methods etc.

    I changed the host file, adding apple source and deleting it, and that didn't work. Then I was told to download Tiny umbrella, which whatever version I used always crashed while opening at reticulating splines...

    Then I realised this setting in the iPad, called software update, which lets you do updates OTA, and I thought maybe as one last method I could try to change the version it wanted to install to something else, but so far that has stalled.

    So is it impossible for me to update to 6.1 with all these error messages in iTunes, crashing of TinyUmbrella etc? Thanks for help guys if you can
    2013-04-12 04:27 PM
  2. Deepfriedbaconandsnickers's Avatar
    Just jailbreak it on ios 5. DO NOT UPDATE TO 6.1.3 BECAUSE THERE IS NO JAILBREAK, Unless u have an iPhone 4
    2013-04-14 10:22 AM