1. hanzuke51's Avatar
    Just needed to know if there's someone out there with the latest winterboard, on an ipad 2 on 5.0.1 that can actually get it to work. Right now for me it doesnt and ive googled and searched for 5 hours so please dont tell me to do that and instead maybe point me in the right direction. I don't think the problem is with winterboard or the themes as dim icons tweak still works and every respring now and then changes a few of the icons.

    In short, is there any problem with winterboard on an ipad 2, 5.0.1? I've had winterboard on an iphone on 5.0.1 but did not encounter any problems. If someone has WB running with the same set up as I please just tell me so I can be confident that a restore wont just set me back.
    2013-04-14 05:07 PM
  2. d3bugg's Avatar
    If you restore, you'll be forced to update to 6.1.3, which has no jailbreaks available nor the option to downgrade (on A5 devices anyways).
    2013-04-25 11:41 AM