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    This LockScreen Is Called The bAdBastard Lockscreen for iPhone4 and iPhone5.

    Features custom slider text, scrolling weather and much more. I won't spoil the animation with words

    Price: Free

    Creator: @bAdStylee

    This is a bAdGB repo exclusive, so add repo.badgb.com as a source in cydia for free download. Search bAdbAstArd.

    Its Has The bAdbastard Bionic Matrix mAsh codes fr0m:
    Pulse HD, MC Edition, uKuwi and iSpeed.

    Jailbreak required. Activate in winterboard. iFile is also required for customization of the slider and zipcode.

    Instructions and setup vid.

    *** Screen Shots ***

    Visit the official thread here for more screenshots and info -
    The bAdbAstard - bAdGigabit...

    This includes a transparent photo grabber and transparent slider. It's meant to slide to unlock on the words of your choosing.

    Hope you enjoy!
    The bAdbAstard Lockscreen by ryanstylee/bAdGB-bb.png
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    2013-04-18 05:00 PM
  2. Karoonchai's Avatar
    OMG !!! I like it.
    Youtube Channel & Downloads - twitter @Karoonchai
    2013-04-18 05:20 PM
  3. ryanstylee's Avatar
    thanks! I have a few small updates coming in the next few days
    2013-04-18 05:28 PM
  4. BoyBastos's Avatar
    nice LS
    2013-04-18 05:36 PM
  5. June'sIphone's Avatar
    2013-04-18 05:48 PM
  6. ryanstylee's Avatar
    thanks June, I was pondering a mashup of some of yours too, but nothing compares to miLock
    2013-04-18 05:53 PM
  7. Karoonchai's Avatar
    downloaded and installed. nice and good effects.
    Youtube Channel & Downloads - twitter @Karoonchai
    2013-04-18 05:54 PM
  8. ryanstylee's Avatar
    downloaded and installed. nice and good effects.
    thanks! suggestions welcome of course
    2013-04-18 06:00 PM
  9. RKO1195's Avatar
    Killer LS bud thanks
    2013-04-18 07:32 PM
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    The bAdbAstard Lockscreen by ryanstylee/bAdGB-img_4022.pngThe bAdbAstard Lockscreen by ryanstylee/bAdGB-img_4023.png
    here are two walls with the bAdGB font for the text (bAdGB font is also available on the bAdGB repo for use with bytafont system wide...) these will be in the update, as soon as i get my devices back, they will be in the update...gotta get the i4 and i5 versions tested first
    2013-04-19 05:36 PM
  11. Karoonchai's Avatar
    waiting small updates
    Youtube Channel & Downloads - twitter @Karoonchai
    2013-04-19 06:00 PM
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    here is my lil idea for the update. what do ya think? stars n sh*t hehee

    2013-05-07 09:23 PM
  13. ryanstylee's Avatar
    Attached Images
    2013-05-11 06:19 AM
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    here is a link to the newest iphone4/iphone5 versions. still havent been able to get the ipad where i like it. not putting this on the repo yet, but this is where i went with it.


    try it out and let me know

    i removed some aspects of it, but its still in the code, you can turn on some of the parts i took out still
    2013-06-13 09:50 PM