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    This is a small iWidget I have been working on, and I just wanted to share it with people. Not sure how much use it will get, but I have been working pretty hard on it. It is just in alpha stages but feel free to take a look and edit it.
    Make sure to have iWidgets installed and install this into your /var/mobile/Library/iWidgets folder.

    The basic idea is to have a central feed for multiple sources such as facebook, twitter, google+, an rss feed, tumblr, lastfm, and more!
    It is based off the social media tabs js. and seems to be a pretty awesome project! Its all open source to you! if you want to try it out.
    Updated to 1.1

    These are some images of it.
    iWidget SocialFeeds-img_0052.png
    iWidget SocialFeeds-img_0053.png
    iWidget SocialFeeds-img_0054.png

    Thanks if you have any comments just hit me up at: [email protected]
    Peace and best wishes:
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    Changing some stuff around and adding in a better format to play better on more devices height wise. you still need to edit widget.html and widget.plst in order to change width but height should be the size of your phone from now on. The update should be live shortly! please feel free to leave any comments here!
    2013-05-09 08:22 PM