1. Silverado1987's Avatar
    Sent from my a paypal balance. Don't really care about the wait, just an answer would be nice.

    Maybe I got the address wrong or something?

    Oh idk I've always paid via credit card
    I've heard other people had to wait because the way they paid they had to wait so many business days
    2013-04-23 11:17 PM
  2. jjk454ss's Avatar
    Oh idk I've always paid via credit card
    I've heard other people had to wait because the way they paid they had to wait so many business days
    PayPal balance is instant. I'm in no hurry, just an answer would be nice as to wether or not the payment was received.
    2013-04-23 11:58 PM
  3. tunechi's Avatar
    What's the progress on this theme?
    2013-04-26 06:48 PM
  4. _LiQuiD_'s Avatar
    I will sumbitt to cydia tonight if i have time
    2013-04-26 08:18 PM
  5. tunechi's Avatar
    Ok. Was bout to donate, guess I'll wait for the Cydia release now! Love this color scheme!
    2013-04-26 09:43 PM
  6. _LiQuiD_'s Avatar
    Avadian has ben sent to cydia
    2013-04-27 02:39 AM
  7. tunechi's Avatar
    Thanks!! Guess I'll be stalking cydia now!! Lol!
    2013-04-27 02:55 AM
  8. _LiQuiD_'s Avatar
    I have sent a mail to everyone who donated for theme theme. If u have not got the mail pls hit me up with a message here or on twitter. @__LiQuiD__ on twitter.

    And thanks alot for everyone who donated and all kind words about the theme.
    2013-04-27 07:32 PM
  9. derwin252's Avatar
    Are we gonna get the updated version through email or do u need our cydia number?
    2013-04-27 07:50 PM
  10. _LiQuiD_'s Avatar
    Cydia number
    2013-04-27 08:23 PM
  11. Lkkwus's Avatar
    Replied to email 😁
    2013-04-27 10:58 PM
  12. tunechi's Avatar
    Live on Cydia... Just bought this theme. Love it. Need some wallpapers though. No shelves please.

    Very clean! Beautifully done clean and crisp UI

    Can you share this wallpaper please?

    Me right now...
    Any way to get the names of the apps the same color as the time and date on the lock screen?
    Last edited by tunechi; 2013-04-27 at 11:31 PM.
    2013-04-27 11:02 PM
  13. DefJammable's Avatar
    Cydia number
    2013-04-28 12:30 AM
  14. Fattone66's Avatar
    Can someone make me a BackBoard icon please?
    2013-04-28 12:33 AM
  15. KhangNghi's Avatar
    i really enjoy this theme, i love blue xD
    2013-04-28 01:04 AM
  16. mbui6o4's Avatar
    where would i go into cydia to find my cydia number?

    nvm just replied to email thanks
    Last edited by mbui6o4; 2013-04-28 at 01:09 AM.
    2013-04-28 01:04 AM
  17. tunechi's Avatar
    Will you be taking icon requests?
    2013-04-28 02:29 AM
  18. _LiQuiD_'s Avatar
    U can send requests but its not sure i have time to make all.

    But will do as many as i have time for
    2013-04-28 02:55 AM
  19. tunechi's Avatar
    I just really need a iBlacklist icon right now.
    2013-04-28 03:14 AM
  20. tunechi's Avatar
    Don't know if its just me... But when I get long notifications the words don't come through, and in the iPod app when the artist names are long and are suppose to be scrolling it doesn't show the names like in this pic... Under the artist name it's not showing the song that's playing with the feature artist because its to long or something. If the name is long. If its short it shows the words though

    2nd pic is of the notification. The words don't come through if its long.
    Last edited by tunechi; 2013-04-28 at 04:55 AM.
    2013-04-28 04:31 AM
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