1. Mr.Coffee's Avatar
    2013-04-28 11:08 AM
  2. sephiroth726's Avatar
    @tunechi sorry I can't share the wallpaper because its from auros unless Jens doesn't care, he probably wouldn't mind but I need to be sure.

    I've still gotta get this on Cydia Ted! I keep forgetting!
    2013-04-28 04:55 PM
  3. tunechi's Avatar
    Ok thanks. I bought Auros too. So I guess I already have it. Lol! Thanks again.
    2013-04-28 06:00 PM
  4. rob.chacon's Avatar
    how do i add this Repo: ZodTTD & MacCiti to my sources? i dont have it so i cant find this theme in cydia...
    2013-04-28 06:23 PM
  5. tunechi's Avatar
    2013-04-28 06:41 PM
  6. rob.chacon's Avatar
    i get an error "did not find repository" then the error mentions that it could be a legacy repo thats not supported.
    2013-04-28 06:47 PM
  7. tunechi's Avatar
    Hmm that's wierd... I think that repo installs when you first jailbreak and install Cydia. I think you can still donate to him personally.
    2013-04-28 07:05 PM
  8. rob.chacon's Avatar
    how would that affect updates going forward?
    2013-04-28 08:06 PM
  9. chanxin's Avatar
    where is sbsettings theme?
    2013-04-29 03:49 AM
  10. tunechi's Avatar
    Don't think it he released it yet
    2013-04-29 04:16 AM
  11. tunechi's Avatar
    2013-04-29 07:56 PM
  12. _LiQuiD_'s Avatar
    Sbs in not released yet. I will add that when the colormods are done. Would say Few days
    2013-04-29 07:59 PM
  13. _LiQuiD_'s Avatar
    Colormods along with sbsettinga and wallpapers in a few days.
    2013-04-30 01:01 PM
  14. 3zoooz's Avatar
    very clean waiting for official release
    2013-04-30 01:44 PM
  15. _LiQuiD_'s Avatar
    very clean waiting for official release
    It is in cydia
    2013-04-30 02:58 PM
  16. nealh's Avatar
    are there many cydia and non app store apps themed?
    2013-05-02 06:40 PM
  17. _LiQuiD_'s Avatar
    Not atm. But more icons are coming
    2013-05-02 09:52 PM
  18. nealh's Avatar
    Thx. I appreciate the follow-up. Great looking theme
    2013-05-02 10:08 PM
  19. Ivangotus's Avatar
    2013-05-06 01:44 AM
  20. _LiQuiD_'s Avatar
    All colormods have been sent to cydia
    Now we just have to w8
    2013-05-06 03:16 PM
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