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    0-Hour by ZFrost (Released)-default-2x.png


    Introducing my newest theme 0-HOUR!

    Its been in production for some time now and I feel its time for a preview.

    Here are a few screens for a preview.

    Big Thanks to @Henftling @Slate004 @Metaserph @Fattone66 and @Coccco28 for testing

    Also big thanks to @Durben with widget Code!

    icon psd -

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    2013-04-29 03:24 AM
  2. 2k1's Avatar
    Very nice frost will keep an eye on this thread.
    2013-04-29 03:40 AM
  3. Karoonchai's Avatar
    very very nice ( details )
    Youtube Channel & Downloads - twitter @Karoonchai
    2013-04-29 04:04 AM
  4. ZFrost's Avatar
    Thanks glad you all like it.
    2013-04-29 04:27 AM
  5. jima6636's Avatar
    very nice bro.

    2013-04-29 04:30 AM
  6. ZFrost's Avatar
    2013-04-29 05:53 AM
  7. iulianba's Avatar
    Looking forward to this one
    2013-04-29 07:39 AM
  8. The_13th_Plague's Avatar
    Fresh concept and colors, looking really good so far!
    2013-04-29 11:15 AM
  9. cocco26's Avatar
    great i like the icons very much
    2013-04-29 12:33 PM
  10. ZFrost's Avatar
    I hope to release a public beta tonight
    2013-04-29 05:29 PM
  11. cocco26's Avatar
    great news bro
    2013-04-29 05:34 PM
  12. sephiroth726's Avatar
    wow, really nice looking icons and dialer
    2013-04-29 08:28 PM
  13. ZFrost's Avatar
    wow, really nice looking icons and dialer
    Thank you! I still have some fine tuning to do on the icons and the UI... I'm doing something diffrent with the UI buttons Not something that can be captured with screen shots. I'll probably have to do a video...
    2013-04-29 08:37 PM
  14. Cloud2Ground's Avatar
    Very good bro, great job so far!
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    2013-04-29 10:50 PM
  15. ZFrost's Avatar
    Getting second round beta together now. More info to come
    2013-04-30 07:31 PM
  16. iRetired's Avatar
    Nice, clean, industrial-look. 4S availability?
    2013-04-30 07:53 PM
  17. ZFrost's Avatar
    Glad u like it. It will be available for the 5, 4s and iPad 3 and 4
    2013-04-30 07:57 PM
  18. luc_to_you's Avatar
    Very cool bro
    2013-04-30 11:24 PM
  19. kimvy's Avatar
    Beauty. Will be looking forward to this one.
    2013-05-01 08:20 AM
  20. ZFrost's Avatar
    I'm trying to get what I can done before Friday. I leave for 10 days on vacation. There is a very good chance this theme could be released by then.
    2013-05-01 06:39 PM
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