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  1. Frosty33's Avatar
    Looking good
    2013-06-02 08:34 PM
  2. Lolotambien's Avatar

    Black background disappear under iphone app settings and favorites after a respiring

    Changed fond2.png in the folder tiles-white with the same background
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    2013-06-02 08:50 PM
  3. Frosty33's Avatar
    Like the look, gives more options for personalization
    2013-06-02 09:28 PM
  4. Lolotambien's Avatar
    Thanks to you !
    2013-06-02 09:31 PM
  5. Frosty33's Avatar
    as requested by Phillies20

    dont know the app so not sure on the icon but these were the ones i came across are they right ??

    NewOS - Interface for iPhone 4/4S/5-video.png NewOS - Interface for iPhone 4/4S/5-video1.png
    2013-06-07 08:31 PM
  6. Phillies20's Avatar
    The 2nd one is close to it. It will be fine. Really appreciate it Frosty!! Is this the size of the Videos icon?
    2013-06-07 09:04 PM
  7. Frosty33's Avatar
    Yes it's the same size, if you send me the image your after then ill do it again for you
    2013-06-07 09:34 PM
  8. Phillies20's Avatar
    No need ! This one will work just fine 😄. Thanks.
    2013-06-07 09:49 PM
  9. Phillies20's Avatar
    Candy crush??
    2013-06-13 03:22 PM
  10. iPapeto's Avatar
    Hi guys! ... I need some help here ... as you can see I made some mods in this theme for my i5 ... just wondering, what I need to edit in Current.plist file to activate in the right mode the badges for each app? ... for example Whatsapp replece for Settings ... Facebook replace YouTube ... Cydia replace Reminders ... this is what I try whit whatsapp:

    First, I insert this lines in the correct position:

    <string>set x 90 animWhatsapp1 YES 0.8</string>
    <string>set width 75 animWhatsapp2 YES 0.8</string>
    <string>set width 75 animWhatsap3 YES 0.8</string>
    <string>set width 75 animWhatsapp3Black YES 0.8</string>

    <string>set x -79 animWhatsapp1 YES 0.2</string>
    <string>set width 0 animWhatsapp2 YES 0.2</string>
    <string>set width 0 animWhatsapp3 YES 0.2</string>
    <string>set width 0 animWhatsapp3Black YES 0.2</string>

    <string>function animWhatsapp</string>

    <string>function anim2Whatsapp</string>

    <string>hide animWhatsapp3</string>

    <string>show animWhatsapp3Black</string>

    <string>show animWhatsapp3</string>

    <string>hide animWhatsapp3Black</string>

    Finally, I create this:

    <string>launch net.whatsapp.WhatsApp</string>

    I suppose something is wrong in this line: <string>90,882,0,9000</string>

    Any help will be appreciate!
    2013-06-14 08:52 AM
  11. TheHighFlying's Avatar
    Your bundle :
    Y position = 882 px

    Your icon apps :
    Y position = 516 px

    2013-06-14 09:07 AM
  12. Lolotambien's Avatar
    Hola ipapeto could you share your tiles :
    Phone, camera, sms please ?
    Love your mod
    2013-06-14 06:22 PM
  13. iPapeto's Avatar
    Sure Lolotambien why not? .... there you go!

    TheHighFlying ... the only thing what I have is whatsapp icon in the same position with twitter (Overlapped) ... any clue? ... not a big deal, thanks for support
    2013-06-15 04:25 AM
  14. Lolotambien's Avatar
    Gracias, merci beaucoup.
    2013-06-15 06:15 AM
  15. Mikka's Avatar
    Hi..first off all...this is a great Theme...i love it ..and use it...problem...i change in settings to 24hours and degree...after respring it didnt save.....maybe i must set permissions???? when yes...for what????

    my big one whatsapp

    thanks mikka
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    2013-06-20 12:33 PM
  16. Lolotambien's Avatar
    The same for me for permissions.
    2013-06-20 12:56 PM
  17. scooterfips's Avatar
    hi, can someone give me the icon "Pocket Informant"? want to exchange it against the Calendar icon. would be nice if someone gives me then a manual how to swap out the icon. and does anyone have a German translation for the weather?
    2013-06-20 10:10 PM
  18. melvin1010's Avatar
    Anybody know how to get the weather working again???
    2013-06-26 02:20 PM
  19. Lolotambien's Avatar
    Scooterfips, i try to help you for change an icon: open Current.plist with Ifile navigate to the back of this code and there you need to find "launch"
    Just modify with the name of your app Pocket informant with the exact name
    You can find it by editing the favorite mode of newOs by selecting Pocket Informant and under the correct name. you have to replace with this and it's really important to put exactly the same you read
    Then a respiring and it's ok.

    To swap the icon copy and paste your pocket informant picture into " icons white" in var/mobile/library/dreamboard/NewOs
    then copy the text calendar.png, rename it calendar1.png to keep it if you want to go back and rename your image of pocket informant as calendar.png
    A respiring and it's done
    Hope it's clear sorry for my english.
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    2013-06-28 12:01 AM
  20. TheHighFlying's Avatar
    @ iPapeto

    Can you make a screenshot ?
    2013-07-03 04:34 PM
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