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    I've been tweaking my device after finally jailbreaking it on 6.1.3 semi-untethered. My iphone is now ******* awesome and does everything I want, but the one random fault; When I lock my phone via the power button, it wont unlock immediately? almost as if it is crashing because when it is on charge; I will lock it, try to unlock it (which it will not) then i'll rehear the charger connected sound about a minute later and then it will unlock fine. ANY ideas? please help!
    2013-05-10 03:32 PM
  2. DC_Dave's Avatar
    Hi, yes I know what you mean, almost as if you get a hidden respring. I have found uninstalling camera tweaks, camera grabbers and lockscreen tweaks to see if the problem goes helps. Also install CrashReporter, that will sometimes list any suspects after a crash.
    Here are a few tweaks which caused problems.
    Photector caused my lockscreen camera to crash.
    CameraLocker for iOS5 (when i was on iOS5)
    NC Rotation Lock, SnapTap, Handwriting Recognition caused random reboots.
    Also one time, in the morning, CrashReporter was helpful as it showed 100 crashes (1 every 10 seconds, did not respring or reboot) This turned out to be a conflict between CameraConnector and Resupported 4+
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    2013-05-11 11:53 AM