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    Introducing, in collaboration jokerg7...

    XiD DreamBoard

    This DreamBoard port comes pack with many features to help the XiD style stand out. If you thought the XiD Winterboard was amazing [which it was and STILL is], then you're going to flip when you get the DreamBoard port on your iDevice

    Currently, it is for these devices and iOS:
    • iPhone 4/4S
    • iPod Touch 4G
    • iOS 6 [tested and working]
    • iOS 5 [not tested, but should be backwards compatible]

    Now that you know what it works and runs on and for what devices, lets get into its features.

    You have 5 menus at your disposal to store your icons on them. You can store 8 icons on each menu. They allow the wallpaper to shine through it and give it a better elegance style. You'll have all your applications available through the "Applications" menu and the other ones you fill with what you please.

    Apart from the menus, you'll be able to customize the theme with the in-built wallpapers and widgets. You'll have 8 wallpapers to choose from [all from the winterboard version] and have 5 home widgets to switch with. Another addition, it the Matrix function. You'll be able to activate it ALONG with the home widget and will show up with the menus activated. You can disactivate it at will, separate from the home widget.

    I've also incorporated Web Widgets for you to use if you are lazy. You'll be able to access Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ right from there. Simple and quick to get to.

    __________________________________________________ _________________________

    This theme has been sent to Cydia [3-5 days] and is waiting approval.
    Price: $1.50

    You can purchase the theme before going on Cydia by sending the payment to this paypal link:

    __________________________________________________ _________________________

    Here is the YouTube video to help guide you through things if you get lost. Permission are already set, if they aren't for you, do so before activating the theme or else nothing you do will save.

    __________________________________________________ _________________________

    Want to thank @jokerg7 for allowing me to port his theme. As well as all those supporting me. You guys Rock!
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    2013-05-11 09:13 PM
  2. EmmaJhonsson's Avatar
    Nice one!
    The dock is awesome, but I'm not a big fan of dreamboard..
    Keep up that amazing work!

    Emma | 16 | Tel Aviv
    2013-05-12 01:43 PM
  3. FrightDealer's Avatar
    XiD DreamBoard is confirmed and live on Cydia. Get your copy there.

    Nice one!
    The dock is awesome, but I'm not a big fan of dreamboard..
    Keep up that amazing work!
    Thank you. DreamBoard has its faults, but it is good for helping minimize the work of tweak installation for a good theme. Sadly it doesn't support full UI theming integration like winterboard. I still enjoy its functions, but it needs an update
    2013-05-12 09:45 PM