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    If you have ever played Google's Ingress on your android device, then you will be pleased to know that you can now choose from 247 different types of Ingress sound effects on your iDevice! Enjoy!

    ToneFXs 2 (Pro)

    Once you have ToneFXs 2 (Pro) installed on your iDevice you will be able to assign the tones to a wide variety of events.


    1.) Once you have installed Ingress Sounds, move the zip file from var/mobile/downloads to var/stash/themes.

    2.) Then tap ZIP Viewer followed by the box in the bottom right hand corner.

    3.) Tap Extract All Files. At this point, it is safe to delete the zip file. Ingress Sounds isn't necassary to have the folder checked in Winterboard. ToneFXs will automatically recognize the tones within the application.

    Ingress Sounds
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    2013-05-13 08:14 AM
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    (UPDATE) I have added 183 NEW Ingress sounds on top of the previous 64 originally! That's a total of 247 Ingress Sounds for your listening pleasure! This package is also Live in Cydia
    2013-06-01 12:21 AM
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    OK.. i got it .. the reason of my fondness towards music makes me crazy about the new applications launched into the segment of music players .. now this one is going to come under my scanner..
    2013-06-04 08:53 AM