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    MYO-weather v.2
    Make Your Own-weather version 2 is a lockscreen theme only.
    I could say this is the only LS-theme you ever need …... yeah right! I heard it all before and I don't need this bullsh*ting, I don't want to sell you anything.
    But I can say that this LS-theme is different, well, it has animated weather and weather forecast, current weather description, current temperature, time, day and date. You might say that's just like hundreds of other LS-themes. True, but this one is different, let me explain why.
    My sons are very comfortable with computers, I am a dead loser every time we play a computer game, so they know their way around. Both have a iPhone, jailbroken and Winterboard installed together with a selection of themes. I installed UniAW6 LS on their iPhones and told them to change the weather description font color to red and move it 100 pixels down. They looked at me as if I just spoke chinese to them. OK, something simpler then, disable the ballons in the weather animation. Again they looked at me if I was from Mars. They did not had a clue where to start, even giving them hints like “you do changes in the config.js file” did not helped. They were like the majority of user that have a jailbroken iPhone/iPod. They can install apps/tweaks/themes etc and they can tap through a menu/setting, but code editing is out of reach.
    With this in mind I started on MYO, a lockscreen theme that everybody can change to their wishes without editing any code. Changes are done by tapping through a Setup menu, selecting options, entering words or numbers.
    Once I installed MYO onto my sons iPhones they could do all the changes and did not needed any further help in setting it up the way they wanted it to look like.
    So, here is difference No. 1, changes are done without editing any code at all.
    Next difference No.2 is this LS-theme is database driven, like Buuf and Weather Elements. Databases are also being include in iTunes Backups and after a restore you do not need to setup everything again, you can carry on where you left.
    Difference No.3: all other weather themes require the MyLocation app, apart from Weather Elements, neither does MYO. GPS update is on demand by tapping one Springboard icon, done! Why using a constant GPS position monitoring that eats away on your battery when you can update when you want and the change is instant. Because tapping that Springboard icon saves your present GPS location to the database and as soon as you lock the home screen you will have the latest weather data on your lockscreen.
    Difference No.4: No refresh intervals! Is not needed as every time you lock the home screen the latest weather data is being fetched. You want an updated weather, simply unlock and lock again, there you have the latest weather update. I always leave my iPhone on over night, so why should it burn battery to fetch every 20 minutes new weather for hours while I snore my head off. Pointless waste.
    Difference No.5: all other weather themes use Yahoo weather service, apart from Weather Elements which uses Weather Underground. MYO uses Yahoo, Weather Underground and WorldWeatherOnline. You can choose which weather service you want, it determines the current weather description, the current temperature and the animated weather. Change of weather service is instant, as all changes are. No respring or so, which you often need when editing code in order to see the code changes.
    Difference No.6: Languages, in some themes you have the choice to pick from 4 or 5 different languages, however if your language is not English, German, French, Spanish or Italian you had it. That's why you can enter the weekday names and the month names yourself in what ever language you want or phrase you want, e.g. instead of Sunday why not have “Day of Rest” displayed, your choice.
    Difference No.7: usually weather forecast is the next 4 days at the most, with an icon and the high and low temperatures. MYO has a 10 days text forecast, each forecast is split in day and night time forecast, with weather condition like temperature, wind speed, wind direction and probability of rain (if forecasted). That forecast is available in about 80 languages and comes from Weather Underground, can not be changed!
    That's why MYO-weather version 2 is different!

    It is very difficult to give screenshots as there are limitless possibilities, so here are a few I just made.

    same with Imperial settings

    Now these use the day/night background feature, whereby the wallpaper changes at sunset to the night wallpaper (9 examples included) and at sunrise the background changes to the day wallpaper (also 9 examples included). Just tap to select and save the background you want.
    Of course you can disable the day/night switching and just choose to have one wallpaper 24 hours/day. There are 8 examples included and the nineth one is to pick the wallpaper you have set in iOS's Settings-> Wallpaper menu.
    In order to get this working you need to install "WallpaperJEPGifier" from Cydia (free package), you also might want to install Lockscreen Clock Hide and Lockscreen Dim Delay from Cydia (also free).
    While we are at the requirements you also need free API keys from WorldWeatherOnline and Weather Underground. Both are free registrations and they send you your free API key to your email address. You need to enter these keys in the MYO Setup menu->Weather submenu.
    Then you are able to to select any one of the 3 installed weather services.
    -Yahoo, free, now with limit of 500 request per day
    -Weather Underground, free, needs API key, limit 500 request per day
    -WorldWeatherOnline, free, needs API key, limit 500 request per hour!
    These are all the requirements to run MYO-weather v.2 .
    Now to the forecast, this is provided by Weather Underground (see DifferenceNo.7 above).
    Language is selected in MYO Setup->Weather submenu and is activate by touching the top part (top 200 pixel) of the lockscreen. I t looks like this
    British English with metric settings

    or British English with imperial settings

    or German with metric settings

    Touch the top part of the lockscreen and the forecast disappears and the "normal" lockscreen comes back. Thanks to Drifter, as I "borrowed" this touch event script from one of his iWidgets.
    OK, now to the setup!
    If I go through each item in detail you will still read this in an hours time. LOL
    Basically you need to go through each submenu, set each item to something and save this, then next submenu, set each item, save it ......
    It sounds borring and a lot of work, but it is only needed the first time, because if there is an "empty" field in the database you will know, the lockscreen stays black! This also includes the "GPS Update" icon on the Springboard, you have to open this and when you see your GPS position and the address for that GPS location you can close that window (press Home button). The GPS coordinates are also part of the database!
    Also enter a rgba value in the 5 custom color fields, like 100,100,100,1.0, and save them, even if you don't want to use a custom color as no value means empty field and therefore incomplete database!
    After the initial first setup, meaning complete database saved, you can select MYO-weather v.2 in Winterboard and respring. Now it will show if you have a complete database or not.
    If you have, then you can unlock, open the MYO Setup menu and start changing what ever you want. Remember to always save your changes and the lockscreen area is 640 pixel wide and 960 pixel high, even on a 3GS!!!
    After you have made changes and saved them, 2 confirmation messages pop up, just touch "OK", you can press the power button to lock out straight away, now press the Home button to activate the lockscreen and you instantly see the changes. Not happy with the changes? Well unlock, is an invisible tap to unlock by the way, and you are back in the MYO Setup submenu where you made the last changes.
    You see it is fairly simple and fast to change things once you know how to do it. It just takes some practice, hence the initial setup is a good training.
    Now you know how everything works, so, go on and
    MAKE YOUR OWN LS-theme!

    MYO-weather v.2 is on the MMUS repo (
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    Nothing is impossible only miracles take a bit longer!
    2013-05-19 01:16 AM
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    This is awesome bud!! thanks for your work im going to check it out
    2013-05-19 01:27 AM
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    Man you really thought out the animation on this I love how you did the rain wind tornado hell all of it lol thanks bud
    2013-05-19 07:14 AM
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    Holy crap, that's amazing as ever Rasp!
    2013-05-19 10:01 AM
  5. <Ian Nicoll/>'s Avatar
    Wow!!! Thanks Rasp.
    2013-05-19 11:28 AM
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    Had to rewrite the animations as they were still in the "old" 320x480 format from the AniWeLo theme.
    While I was at it I also changed the sun and moon animation. Before they just went across the screen in 40 seconds, now they are being placed according to time, like in UniAW, but different code. Left screen edge is sunrise/moon rise and right screen edge is sunset/moonset. You might be lucky to see that the first half hour of sunrise and the last half hour of sunset has a more redish sun.
    Would be nice to see some of your creation screenshots here.
    Nothing is impossible only miracles take a bit longer!
    2013-05-19 03:23 PM
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    Hi rasputin007,

    I hate to be the first one with some issues, but I cannot seem to get this to work, I got the correct API Tickets from WWO and Wunderground, went through the setup process and populated the database with values. Ran the GPS to populate the GPS coordinates, and when I go to the Lockscreen, just 2 squares on a black background.

    You had mentioned in the OP that if the database wasnt populated by setting it up the first time that there will be a black screen. I double checked the 0000000000000001.db and it does seem to have every field populated, so at the moment I'm stuck.

    Would it be helpful if I sent you a copy of the 0000000000000001.db to see if I am missing something? I tried to send you a PM but currently you have it set to not receive any.
    2013-05-19 03:57 PM
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    Yea I'm getting the same thing just a black screen with the two square boxes but my date shows up top in corner real small when I touch it
    2013-05-19 04:29 PM
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    Here is a pic Attachment 638860
    2013-05-19 07:20 PM
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    Thanks guys for letting me know.
    The bug seems to be on my side somewhere.
    I used a "testing" theme during testing then installed MYO-weather v.2 from the repo and it worked, different theme, but same database. So I assumed it is working fine.
    Now I deinstalled it , deleted the testing theme and the database.
    Then reinstalled MYO-weather v.2 and also have a black screen with the 2 squares.
    Sorry about this, hope to find the bug tonight.

    Found the bug LOL
    I was not kidding as I said that you need a complete database or you only will see a black screen.
    You need to enter a custom font color, like "100,100,100,1.0" for the 3 fonts in the Time/Date submenu and the 2 fonts in the Weather submenu.
    The thing is if you just select one of the predefined font colors (White, Black, Red, Green, Blue or Custom Color) you would not enter anything in the custom color field, hence it stays an empty field and the database is NOT complete. I never noticed this as I always used custom colors for the fonts as I can also set the opacity, aka alpha channel, in the custom color, hence the input form of rgba. There is no alpha channel in the predefined colors.
    Try to set a rgba value, like 100,100,100,1.0, in all those 5 custom color fields, don't forget to save and see if that helps.
    Once you set the custom color fields you still can select a predefined color.

    Yepp, PM is set to recieve from contacts only. I will move to "the dark side" soon as soon as I can afford a Nexus 4 to play with Ubuntu OS for smartphones.
    Upps, 500 posts, time to go!
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    Went ahead and deleted everything including the old database storage files, and then reinstalled MY0 2.0 again.

    Set GPS first, then went through the whole setup process again, this time including RGB values in the custom color fields.

    Checked the 01.db to verify that all the fields are populated, then activated the theme in Winterboard and still a no go mate

    I did notice that when I checked the 01.db that on certain fields that there are 2 rows, one thats populated and the other thats blank.

    Here are some screenshots of the DB elements with double rows:

    Not sure if the double row is causing the database issue or not.

    For comparison, here are some pics from the other elements without the extra row:

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    2013-05-19 11:59 PM
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    Cool thanks bud
    2013-05-20 12:00 AM
  13. ReBourne's Avatar
    very nice mate =)
    2013-05-20 02:48 AM
  14. rasputin007's Avatar
    The database should only have one line per table.
    Attached is a working database, apart from the API keys, which you have to change to yours, in order to work correctly.
    Unzip, rename it to the database file name MYO-weather v.2 uses and copy into /var/mobile/WebKit/Databases/file_0, replacing the defunct one. Use iFile to change the ownership of the database file to Owner "mobile" and Group "wheel".
    Now open the MYO Setup menu and change the API keys in the Weather submenu, save!
    Lock out and it should work, still looks unorganized, so go and start setting it up the way you like.

    Drifter, I just added your database and it did not work, then I set the permission of your database file to Owner "mobile" and Group "wheel" and it worked!
    The problem is when you copy the file from the iPhone/iPod to the computer and then back. Because you do the file transfer logged in as "root" the Owner becomes automatically "root" and the "mobile" user has no permission to open files belonging to "root".

    Cool thanks bud
    Did it work?
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    2013-05-20 09:29 AM
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    Drifter, I just added your database and it did not work, then I set the permission of your database file to Owner "mobile" and Group "wheel" and it worked!
    The problem is when you copy the file from the iPhone/iPod to the computer and then back. Because you do the file transfer logged in as "root" the Owner becomes automatically "root" and the "mobile" user has no permission to open files belonging to "root".
    The "copy" of the DB I posted did change permissions once I copied it to the PC, However, on my iPod (before I copied it to the PC), the permissions were set correctly. When I checked the DB, I used iFile, so I never copied it to the PC and then back again, did it all on the device.

    So it is interesting that my DB actually worked on your device after you change the permissions back. Something on my end is not reading the DB correctly then, I copied your "working" DB over to my device changed permissions back to what you mentioned, added my API keys and still its a no go Mate

    Im not sure whats different on your device compared to mine, maybe you have other dependencies installed that I do not have, I still cannot get this to work.

    Has anyone else managed to get this up and running? Or is it just me with these issues and a isolated case ???
    2013-05-20 11:52 AM
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    I've not been able to get it to work either. Same black screen with 2 white boxes.

    Check out WW3 for iOS 9/10 - Widget-Weather 3.0
    2013-05-20 01:02 PM
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    OK, this is getting bizarre now.
    I will use another iPod from my older son to see if it behaves the same way. That one is database free, so is a "clean" TestPod

    My working database is 49.152 bytes big, on the testing-iPod and my 4S, however the same database setting is only 17kb when created with Safari on the PC.
    It definitely is a database error, as the black screen is a typical indicator for database driven themes.

    I have heard it twice now that some iPhones just can not run database driven themes, one is Mii's 3GS and the other one is an iPhone 5, see

    I still don't know what causes this.
    In the linked thread I asked if he can install Slideshow 6.1, a very simple slideshow, database driven, just to test and even that did not work.
    However I know that King's iDevice can run database driven themes, he has done that before, but he has the same symptoms.

    My son forgot the passcode, he has not used the iPod since he got my old 3GS. So now it is locked (3 failed attempts). Have to see if I got any iOS6 shsh for it to restore it.
    Anyway I used the testing iPod from my younger son, deinstalled all themes, deleted all other Winterboard themes, deleted all WebClip folders and all 10 databases that were on it. So, basically fully clean. Then rebooted and installed MYO-weather v.2 through Cydia, respring (not selecting MYO-weather v.2), then saw the 2 springboard icons, GPS Update and MYO Setup. Then opened MYO Setup and entered all fields and options to have an almost complete database. The last 2 empty fields were for the latitude and longitude, so opened GPS Update, but it did not wanted to show latitude, longitude and address. So, respring, still without selecting MYO-weather in Winterboard, opened GPS Update again and hey presto instantly showed the latitude, longitude and address.
    OK, now I have a complete database, so select MYO-weather in Winterboard and respring.
    All tweaks I use are, Gridlock, Lockscreen Clock Hide, Lockscreen Dim Delay and WallpaperJEPGifier, Mobile Terminal, iFile, Winterboard. That's all I need!
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    You had any luck ras ?
    2013-05-22 06:35 PM
  19. rasputin007's Avatar
    You had any luck ras ?
    It is working for me!
    As I said in my previous post, I cleaned my testing iPod from all themes, all databases and all webclip folders. Rebooted, installed MYO-weather v.2, setup the COMPLETE database, setting Custom Color for all 5 fonts and adding rgba value "0,255,255,1.0" for those 5 custom colors, select MYO-weather v.2 in Winterboard, respring and hey presto it was there.
    It works on my iPod4 and my iPhone 4S.
    Have not a clue why it does not work for anybody else, apart from a faint guess that something else is interferring which stops the LockBackground.html to read the database.
    Drifter's database works on my iPod, but yet it does not work on his.
    The theme creates a working database, but the LockBackground.html can not access the database, the black screen is a prime indicator for this.
    You could try and run the MYO setup in iFile, /var/mobile/Library/WebClips/MYO-weather.webclip/menu.html, create a complete database, then run GPS.html in the GPS-update.webclip folder to get the latitude and longitude and finally open LockBackground.html also in iFile.
    I am dead sure it will work, but you don't use Winterboard to open the LockBackground.html. That tells me that something else is blocking database access for the lockscreen in Winterboard. It is neither my fault nor Winterboards fault, it is [GUESS] a tweak or app that maybe even unintentionally stops Winterboard's LockBackground.html to read a database [/GUESS].
    On a german forum somebody had a similar problem with Weather Elements (also database driven), it worked and then after a few tweaks and apps installations later it suddenly did not worked any more, and they nailed it down to a change in a Preference file, because as that user restored an "older" PKG Backup Weather Elements worked again.
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    Nothing is impossible only miracles take a bit longer!
    2013-05-22 10:56 PM
  20. The.Drifter's Avatar

    Have not a clue why it does not work for anybody else, apart from a faint guess that something else is interferring which stops the LockBackground.html to read the database.
    Drifter's database works on my iPod, but yet it does not work on his.
    Maybe the difference is that Im on a iPod Touch 5G? You mentioned that the iPhone 5 has issues running Database themes, maybe the same for the iPod5 ?

    I run almost no tweaks, so I dont think its a tweak interfering with the ability to read databases. I went as far as disabling all my mobile substrate tweaks except for winterboard and trying again from scratch following your posted working method of populating the databases and still it fails. You have confirmed that my database did populate correctly as it ran on your device.

    I really want to give your weather concept a try, so it appears my only recourse is to rewrite your code to not get its variables from a database, but from a config.js or even set them up as iWidget options for a iwidget version.

    Gonna try the rewrite this weekend as my pet project, will post my results after
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    2013-05-23 03:10 PM
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