1. thizzface69's Avatar
    Who can change the color of phone app ?
    White please
    Twitter : @Thiizzface
    iPhone 5 >> 7.0.4 - 64GO
    2013-06-01 01:47 AM
  2. G-weezy's Avatar
    Here is the line icon.

    "I have no answers, just useless questions."
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    2013-06-01 01:48 AM
  3. TeddyDiesel's Avatar
    I use the boover badge for ActiveDock.

    Attachment 641164

    Hope Sriozzz Doesn't mind if I share


    This is awesome! Thank you!!
    2013-06-01 01:57 AM
  4. smr_95's Avatar
    So i'm back from work..

    Attachment 641096Attachment 641097Attachment 641113

    When i forgot someone please pm me..
    Wow thank you so much fir this brotha
    HAFU MAN Follow me @Simonjap63
    2013-06-01 02:13 AM
  5. TheOfficialCMay's Avatar
    Is that all you have activated in WB? Put Motif UI below the rest of the Motif selections. What tweaks do you have installed? Something may be conflicting. Or there may be a cache we need to delete. Downloading tweetbot now to see what it installs and where.

    Also, leaving the tweetbot skin active, uncheck the rest one by one and respring each time. See if a theme is conflicting. I doubt it, but it's possible.
    Yes that is all I have activated in WB! And here are the tweaks I have!

    2013-06-01 02:17 AM
  6. augustborn9909's Avatar
    changed overlay.
    same credits as before. thx simone

    2013-06-01 02:27 AM
  7. Fdxgnd79's Avatar
    changed overlay.
    same credits as before. thx simone

    Please share!!!!!!!!
    2013-06-01 02:36 AM
  8. lizzy954's Avatar
    Amazing theme is all I can say and sooooo grateful for the work and the extras that many have put their time into creating for me (well not me personally but I consider it personal ) ! This theme will stay on my phone simply because of the color tones and then there are the iwidgets and widgets that can be mixed in from Mone' beautiful creations as well as what many others that have been created that are in my collection... Daddykool,,, you are the KOOLEST !! Larke, thank you so much,,,,I now have your beautiful creation which is so nice and how I can change the LS wp to show in the frame is too cool The extras that I have collected, I will continue to learn on the how to place in the correct area via ifile etc. as I hang and read more and more (this is my second thread, 1st was Elite6). I am now going to teach myself on how to change the slider to the cool "M" that was created. Soooo lol I will end my rambling ,,, here is MOI ATM ... ty ty ty ,,, xoxo
    p.s. one more thing lolll I loveeeee watching Bob when someone is responding to my text


    2013-06-01 02:41 AM
  9. Gunspeed's Avatar

    A little preview of the different backgrounds ..

    Download: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/...mone.theme.zip

    Icons, Dock and some UI stuff is to use from the beautiful 'Motif' theme by sriozzz and ulysseleviet
    Credits and thanks to Max Patrese for the basic script .. and to Vale (macinmac) for the frame
    Weather icons I got from a mod by ferlop, thanks .. but I don't know from which theme they are.
    Icono layout included.
    Ah and yea .. native weather, so credits to subywrex and Durben .. and 'Libweather' from Cydia is required.

    Hi Mone. First of all, I love all your works and follow what you have been doing since I grabbed an iPhone. If its not too much to ask, can you have your dbar Motif LS converted for iPhone 4? I don't have an i5 yet so it won't work well on my i4. And I'm not that PS expert to just resize the overlay or wallpaper itself. Hope you can help me. Thanks as always.
    2013-06-01 02:41 AM
  10. leonyeh's Avatar
    A little change for the appstore icon I made yesterday,hope you like it.

    Motif - iOS Theme by @muthemes-appstore1.pngMotif - iOS Theme by @muthemes-appstore2.pngMotif - iOS Theme by @muthemes-appstore3.pngMotif - iOS Theme by @muthemes-appstore4.png

    and a little change for itunes icon

    Motif - iOS Theme by @muthemes-icon-2x.pngMotif - iOS Theme by @muthemes-icon-2x1.pngMotif - iOS Theme by @muthemes-icon-2x2.pngMotif - iOS Theme by @muthemes-icon-2x3.pngMotif - iOS Theme by @muthemes-icon-2x4.pngMotif - iOS Theme by @muthemes-icon-2x5.pngMotif - iOS Theme by @muthemes-icon-2x6.pngMotif - iOS Theme by @muthemes-icon-2x.png
    Motif - iOS Theme by @muthemes-icon-2x.pngMotif - iOS Theme by @muthemes-icon-2x.png

    the last one,I promise
    Motif - iOS Theme by @muthemes-icon-2x.png
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    2013-06-01 02:47 AM
  11. lizzy954's Avatar
    Sweeeettt !

    i made myself an sc4 theme using existing elements from this amazing theme. Thanks to all contributors.


    2013-06-01 03:41 AM
  12. samsquanch's Avatar
    2013-06-01 03:55 AM
  13. Sital's Avatar
    Today I played around with my JellyLock theme and combined izzi's handler with Darka5sa5sin's camera and unlock images (after changing their color to more match the handler). Here's the result:

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    2013-06-01 04:07 AM
  14. sker@'s Avatar
    @ muthemes

    That's crazy... hehe ! In the morning i have played with the resource psd and have also made a JellyLock ALT Theme..

    Link : Motif JellyLock ALT by broody

    Credits to muthemes
    How you put the icons on jellylock?
    2013-06-01 04:20 AM
  15. smr_95's Avatar
    very nice bro...

    here's mine, one of mone's masterpiece....thanks to Mone
    HAFU MAN Follow me @Simonjap63
    2013-06-01 04:20 AM
  16. lizzy954's Avatar

    Grateful to ALL ! I did it lollll by reading youu guys and learning

    My god daughter Zoi Maria

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    2013-06-01 04:22 AM
  17. smr_95's Avatar
    I wanna thank everyone for the beautiful words that came thru thread and PM's , very very nice words and very welcome community.
    Everyone keep up with good work.
    Thank you.
    you're da best mac, always admire your work buddy!
    HAFU MAN Follow me @Simonjap63
    2013-06-01 04:30 AM
  18. lizzy954's Avatar
    Just can't get enough,,, Siri asking Bob's cousin if she can help him A simple wall change and what a look !! just plain ole lovinggg this them "Motif" Thanks again and again and in advance for the wonderful artist' and their awesome art !!!

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    2013-06-01 04:35 AM
  19. YaBhoyB's Avatar
    All you hear is…BOOM! Mone. elite6 v3. Motif.

    2013-06-01 04:46 AM
  20. dwizurd's Avatar
    Quick question, how do I get it so its just the light under the icon for badge alerts? Thanks for any help

    Edit: never mind I got it.
    Last edited by dwizurd; 2013-06-01 at 05:08 AM.
    "All I can be is me, whoever that is" - Bob Dylan
    2013-06-01 05:06 AM
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