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    this is my problem i have been using universal video downloader to capture video files from letmewatchthis so i can watch them later without the buffering, what im hoping to do is to then take the .avi file from the U.V.D root folder in ifile and move it to a location from where i can then stream it to my xbox or playstaion so i can watch them on large screen. i know about the av cable i can buy but dont really want to spend the money if theres a wireless workaround. ive tried droping it into camera roll folder but nither the video player or the media streaming apps i have (media:conect, sync stream) can find them there either. ive spent all morning at it and my heads drilled so heres hoping someone can help. cheers
    2013-05-22 03:28 PM
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    Hi, ezShare Pro by Antecea on the Apple App Store will stream videos over wifi. It also allows you to browse your PC's shared folders and transfer files between the two.

    The ezShare will stream using its smb or http server. However their cheaper app Files Connect also works, but only over smb.
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    2013-05-23 09:52 PM