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    Hey folks,

    Just wanted to come here and give you some news...
    We finally arrived at La Réunion 3 weeks ago, and I already started to work. Very hard... In french Navy, people think you can be 100% efficient immediately so they leave you a couple of hours to speak with your predecessor and then you're ok! Reality is, now I have lot of work and many things to learn. But hey! I live in a place always warm and sunny! Yiiiiihaaaaa!

    Anyway, we already are in our new house and all boxes are empty. Kids are enjoying local food (fruits) in the garden, soon they'll get back to school.
    My wife is already looking for a job (should be easy to find), she's happy too. Myself have to ride to work. Only 7 kilometers, but we are living at 200 meters high so it's a bit hard at the end of the day to "climb". Well, I will lose some weight
    It seems that I will soon be sailing to Mauritius... Spend 3 days there... Then at the end of the year we'll sail to the South for 7 weeks... And again on january-february 2014... I hope I won't throw up too often lmao...

    You certainly understood it, I don't have much time ATM. Already told ya that a couple of months ago but now I'm pretty sure of it : I won't get back to themes. This is over... What I appreciate is to see that they are still living on some devices in the world and some people are still talking on this thread. Not for long, but still...

    I'm leaving the "theme creator" status and going back to "simple user"... Yet I'm proud of what I brought to this community. I learned a lot, it helped me in my job already, and I'm sure I will soon be able to make my own website.

    Here we go... One year after my first theme, 4 themes later, I'm quitting.

    So, keep going fellas I will come by sometimes but less often then before for sure.

    And I'm sure someone somewhere will arise and push out some old projects I had to make them alive

    Thank you for all your positives feedbacks. They were more important then all the money I earned.
    2013-08-09 03:20 PM
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