1. DoubleExiled's Avatar
    Hello im new to this site so i dont realy know who can help but,
    I have been jailbreaking idevices for a while and i have never run into this problume before

    I have
    ipod touch 4th gen
    IOS 6.1.2
    Semi jailbroken, I think

    My problume is that the cydia app isnt there
    and i cant open other inportant apps EX: safari weather Imessage.

    My ipod was jailbroken on IOS 5.1.1? and i decided that i could upgrade because the new Evasion Jailbreak came out for 6.1.2 and i was very happy so updated my ipod to 6.1.2 and i used the Evasion Jailbreak program and i did the steps i didnt skip or close the application. Once the process was done i assumed it would work i was worng. The ipod didnt have the Evasion Jailbreak app or cydia and i cant open multiable applications anymore.

    Normally i would just restore the ipod and start again but no such luck. The darn ipod resists everything i try i cannot get it to restore iv gotten so many "ERROR 1601, 1602, 21" and many more i dont remember. I cant do anything to get it to work.

    Iv been looking for solutions and trying then and everything else for around 2 months and it still dosnt work at all.

    I NEED HELP. Please ask questions im ready with answers about the problem.
    2013-05-29 04:17 AM
  2. m1tt's Avatar
    Hi! So first you can't restore your ipod or you shouldn't because it will upgrade you to 6.1.3 which is not jailbreakable and probably won't be since the Evasi0n team is trying to save exploits for IOS 7. But what are these errors you are referring too?These error codes, what software is giving you them?. Also are you a 100 % sure you are on 6.1.2 ? Check settings/general/about
    2013-08-12 09:50 AM
  3. DoubleExiled's Avatar
    Sorry i didnt update this post but i fixed the problem.

    Thanks for response
    2013-08-20 01:14 AM
  4. skr975's Avatar
    always save ur SHSH blobs after every update.. its very useful
    2013-08-21 09:52 AM