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    Hi all, could anyone help me fine tune this SB widget? untrue modified Max_pa1n's original widget using some of chevymusclecar's code so it would work again with the change in yahoo... However, some of the weather animations seem to be buggy, like the meteor animation seen below (They stay in one place and occasionally change directions):

    Please see these two attachments: Attachment 640900Attachment 640901
    I'm not sure if that's the only weather animation that's buggy; it's the only one I've seen so far. The download link is below:

    For everyone who has their weather widgets broken. Guys in UniAW6.0 for iph4 & iph5 thread found the solution.
    Please see post #5961 here
    Thanks to yuengling25 and Marty McFly!

    I have spent quite a some time trying to revamp Max_Pa1n's boss weather widgets and here is the result. Sharing just SB (Winterboard) for now. Will post LS later.
    Attachment 640741

    Download here

    Credits go to: Max_Pa1n, chevymusclecar, Ian Nicoli, Dracal and many others in "UniAW6.0 for iph4 & iph5" thread for their hard work!
    Also, does anyone know any code that can prevent the weather from updating when the internet is disconnected? The widget linked below tries to update in airplane mode and shows "Internet ?!" in place of the weather and erases all forecast info. I'd like it to be able to continue to display the last known weather and forecast info when there is no internet connection (ie, Airplane mode/data off modes) instead of updating and showing "Internet ?!" and a blank forecast.

    Dracal's Animated LS fixed

    Download here
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for any help!
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