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    Hello, I have been looking all over the Internet for an AS ROMA theme for winterboard but found one but it wasnt complete. So if anyone would be willing to make a theme for me out of the kindness of their heart please post in this thread or pm me and I can tell you the specifics that I would like in the theme. This is my favorite football club and it is the hometown football club, I one make AS ROMA jerseys but want to show my love for the city and the club further with a theme dedicated to the club. So if anyone would be willing to make one for me and take time out of their day to make it for me I would be forever grateful.

    Nevertheless, thank you to anyone who takes their time to read this and consider making the theme for me...

    Posted this on another thread as well. Hopefully someone can help me out.

    Anyone interested?
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    2013-06-02 03:43 AM
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    430 views and no responses? Surely someone can help me out
    2013-06-02 02:24 PM
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    To make a complete theme needs 2-4 months. Don't expect that someone will do that just for fun
    Better use any other complete theme and just change the wallpapers.
    2013-06-11 08:15 AM