1. 2k1's Avatar
    Sounds good
    2013-07-03 04:48 PM
  2. iVex's Avatar
    God damn, I'm checking the repo every hour or so from this moment on to see if it's uploaded T_T
    2013-07-04 03:29 PM
  3. dark2naruto's Avatar
    If it's a new paid package, the release could take 3-5 days...
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    Excuse my English, I'm French
    2013-07-04 03:34 PM
  4. iVex's Avatar
    They better hurry up the process then haha
    2013-07-05 02:07 PM
  5. 2k1's Avatar
    Still nothing yet
    2013-07-05 02:24 PM
  6. TheHighFlying's Avatar
    This theme is also available on Cydia !!

    iOutside i5
    iOutside i4

    And Lockscreen

    iOutside i4/i5 LS 12h/24h
    2013-07-06 01:49 AM
  7. JDean2's Avatar
    Been waiting for this one, looks great on my 5!
    2013-07-06 02:19 AM
  8. Steph53940's Avatar
    hello to all.
    I just installed it on my 4s but when I want out of dreambard, put it in safe mode.
    Thank you for your feedback
    Last edited by Steph53940; 2013-07-06 at 07:50 AM.
    2013-07-06 07:48 AM
  9. iVex's Avatar
    Loving it. No bugs or anything on my i5. Just need to figure out how to set the favourites, and then it's all good
    2013-07-08 03:02 PM
  10. TheHighFlying's Avatar

    I use this theme on my iPhone 4S since 1 month, no problem....


    Thanks for your feedback, use edit mode for change all your favorites !
    2013-07-08 03:06 PM
  11. Karoonchai's Avatar
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    2013-07-08 03:21 PM
  12. TiP's Creators's Avatar
    Très contente de voir ton thème sur Cydia Je te souhaite une belle réussite !
    Very happy to see your theme on Cydia! I wish you great success!
    2013-07-08 03:24 PM
  13. Karoonchai's Avatar

    temp ?
    Youtube Channel & Downloads - twitter @Karoonchai
    2013-07-08 03:53 PM
  14. TheHighFlying's Avatar
    Have you enter your weather code ? (On dreamboard)
    2013-07-08 04:00 PM
  15. Karoonchai's Avatar
    hehe. i don't know how to setup dreamboard.

    dreamboard is new for me. hehe
    Last edited by Karoonchai; 2013-07-08 at 04:16 PM.
    Youtube Channel & Downloads - twitter @Karoonchai
    2013-07-08 04:08 PM
  16. 2k1's Avatar
    Loving this theme doing good with it.
    2013-07-08 04:15 PM
  17. TheHighFlying's Avatar
    Is not in Dreamboard, it's in settings of the theme (when you change color, celsius etc...)
    Tap on "enter your weather code"
    2013-07-08 04:20 PM
  18. Karoonchai's Avatar
    i'll try again hehe
    Youtube Channel & Downloads - twitter @Karoonchai
    2013-07-08 04:44 PM
  19. Renshai's Avatar
    Thanks for a slick looking theme. Works great so far.

    Only two problems:

    1. when I select another theme from Dreamboard the phone restarts and I'm in safe mode.
    2. The apps list shows all the hidden apps as well (FieldTest, iAdOptOut etc.)

    (iphone 4 with ios 6.1)
    Last edited by Renshai; 2013-07-08 at 04:48 PM.
    2013-07-08 04:45 PM
  20. TheHighFlying's Avatar
    Disable iOutside with Dreamboard and retry select an another theme
    2013-07-08 04:50 PM
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