1. htrantk's Avatar
    Yep. The indent shadows would go well with this set up. I'll have to reach out to my homie for the hook up.

    Matches my LS...

    can you share you lockscreen wallpaper, please?
    iPhone 6 Plus GOLD AT&T 64GB 8.1 (mine)
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    Pay for themes, please don't pirate. Themers work hard for their themes
    2013-06-18 08:08 AM
  2. BoubakAy's Avatar
    Oh yes I forgot Fif7y, can we have the icon template with stripes, like stores icons please?
    2013-06-18 09:05 AM
  3. Darka5sa5sin's Avatar
    A couple of icons... I bid you all a good day
    2013-06-18 10:07 AM
  4. Alfroggy's Avatar

    And... I loooooove those UIActivity images !

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    The theme in my posts is 3 4 All, by Sk37cH.

    The numerous versions released, and infinite versatility, beats IconOmatic mods. By quality.
    2013-06-18 10:26 AM
  5. ulysseleviet's Avatar
    Origin is on my device... cool theme FIF7Y! I appreciate the fact that you changed you icon style. And UI is very very clean!
    2013-06-18 10:35 AM
  6. Paulebhoy's Avatar
    A couple of icons... I bid you all a good day
    Awesome ma man.....
    2013-06-18 10:40 AM
  7. smr_95's Avatar
    Any respring image?
    HAFU MAN Follow me @Simonjap63
    2013-06-18 11:43 AM
  8. johncon68's Avatar
    **** wrong image one minute slight mess up on uploading site did this last week unframed if you want it framed let me no
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    <img src=http://i.imgur.com/SnsaAvQ.png border=0 alt= />
    2013-06-18 01:03 PM
  9. Steph53940's Avatar
    Very nice widget. Can you make the same for I4 ?

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/23327475/stef53.zip for ip4 and thanks créators
    2013-06-18 01:35 PM
  10. Krima's Avatar
    lol, thanks Krima for the laugh ... U never fail to bring a smile to my face
    I do what I can Henf and I appreciate you for creating one of my favorite themes of all time, Auros.

    I hope you have been well.
    2013-06-18 01:38 PM
  11. areske86's Avatar
    Few quick made icons





    G+ alt.



    Edit. Sorry didn't see it post answering my question thanks buddy.
    2013-06-18 02:27 PM
  12. iskariotA's Avatar
    Morning all

    FB Messenger

    Activator very simple

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    2013-06-18 03:00 PM
  13. xzikzikx's Avatar
    Can Sb help me to fix it


    Can Sb help me to fix it
    Attached Images
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    2013-06-18 03:36 PM
  14. Shinchan.Nohara's Avatar
    Boss.iOS inspired Music Icon !! Handmade by me !! !!
    Attached Thumbnails Origin-music-origin.png  
    2013-06-18 05:01 PM
  15. johncon68's Avatar
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    <img src=http://i.imgur.com/SnsaAvQ.png border=0 alt= />
    2013-06-18 05:12 PM
  16. medic88's Avatar
    If anyone is interested the NCSettings theme is posted in the blog at Themeit
    Theme it – Blog » Blog Archive » Origin User Mods
    2013-06-18 05:25 PM
  17. johncon68's Avatar
    Edit not happy with this image
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    <img src=http://i.imgur.com/SnsaAvQ.png border=0 alt= />
    2013-06-18 05:36 PM
  18. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    I never intend to show something else in this forums, as the passion that I have for learning graphics and to let everyone enjoy it as I do. I really feel weird now since in the last months the only thing I did is to find way to create and discover new ways to make our devices as we want them to be..and also to present them to you like I do see them too. I could easily try to do my own theme too, but I am aware that I am not able to do so, so here is me next you guys, trying and explaining all the time what I do, what I see and I can.
    I saw the earlier posts but I said, hey they are probably joking with words, but never thought that someone would think that I am an narcissist or whatever.
    What I would like from most of you guys, is to challenge more in what you can bring here, instead of using words to challenge people in any way or so, and upset them with no reason.
    I am just like any of you around here...I'm just,...macinmac.

    Edit: meanwhile you were there talking about ..I was working on this, but not with pleasure, even more, for me and for you too..but I will give up, it makes no sense anymore. I will not disturb in any way with my narcissism.

    Personally, I am a fan of your work! I love the community feel and your attention to learning and growing in great graphic stuff for iOS. I hope you don't let one person's comments detract from the good so many people could get from your work!

    ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A [select] [start] Kyle Matthews
    2013-06-18 05:39 PM
  19. The Analyst's Avatar
    Big Boss here.
    Macinmac you heard him!
    2013-06-18 05:46 PM
  20. cold166's Avatar

    Velox mod by my bro Jixer (gteam member)

    Download >> Theme it – Blog » Blog Archive » Origin User Mods
    Can anyone show me how to install this. Although there are guidelines, but I still do not know where to put the folder on my iphone.
    Hope that you will give me detailed instructions. Thank you very much!
    2013-06-18 05:51 PM
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