1. TRUCKINLOW's Avatar
    [CENTER][SIZE=4]Okay everyone sorry for the wait I have been going as fast as possible without settling for less than extraordinary!

    Now for what still needs to be done or reworked at this point.

    -Loading screens
    -Weather app
    -A few UI images still need to be reworked
    -Maybe a biteSMS theme but def an icon
    -and a few other things I cant think of right now.

    MiOS 7 is my pride and joy and I will continue to work on it as long as I am jailbroken on iOS6.

    I plan on uploading to Cydia and Themeit on Sunday but will do a prerelease to donators I hope by Saturday night. All updates will be through Cydia and Themeit so people that get it via email will have to give the CYDIA NUMBERS when they donate. I do not want second emails saying I forgot my cydia number because people have different emails and things get hard to keep track of. So please add your CYDIA NUMBER.

    Attached Thumbnails MiOS 7-mios7-promo.png  
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    2013-06-15 07:30 PM
  2. Zooropalg's Avatar
    Oulala !!!!!

    In love!!!
    2013-06-15 07:43 PM
  3. Fattone66's Avatar
    Great!!!! First to hit thanks!!! Can't wait for this awesome work truly amazing.
    2013-06-15 07:56 PM
  4. flybritn's Avatar
    Looking very nice there bro!!!
    2013-06-15 08:10 PM
  5. sephiroth726's Avatar
    It looks gorgeous bro!
    2013-06-15 08:16 PM
  6. yassgo's Avatar
    OMG My ex favourite theme is back with...more perfection !
    Very nice master
    2013-06-15 08:29 PM
  7. macinmac's Avatar
    I like the old version and I like the new version. I hope that I can help with some of the missing icons, who knows, maybe they aren't any
    I will wait for the release Truckinlow.
    2013-06-15 08:50 PM
  8. Runt's Avatar
    2013-06-15 09:32 PM
  9. Zooropalg's Avatar
    Darth Vader icon is pure beauty!!!
    2013-06-15 09:42 PM
  10. Yugo's Avatar
    Looks great bro
    2013-06-15 11:07 PM
  11. TRUCKINLOW's Avatar
    looks like i have more UI work left than i thought. its gone through so many revisions i just realized the final that i settled on is not finished to the point of release. looking like mid week but more than likely next weekend will be the release.
    2013-06-15 11:24 PM
  12. henftling's Avatar
    calc is the best I've seen for a long time...A W E S O M E ....
    2013-06-15 11:48 PM
  13. BoubakAy's Avatar
    Awesome work, can't wait for the release!
    2013-06-16 12:04 AM
  14. Krima's Avatar
    This looks great. Can't wait.
    2013-06-16 01:01 AM
  15. iskariotA's Avatar
    Love it Trucks next great and highly detailed project!!!

    2013-06-16 01:54 AM
  16. nateD's Avatar
    SSSSSOOOOO looking forward to this, Truck..everything you bring is top quality and complete outta the box!
    Please tell me it's iph4/iOS5 compatible...
    2013-06-16 02:42 AM
  17. Ivangotus's Avatar
    How much ???
    2013-06-16 03:15 AM
  18. King_O_Hill's Avatar
    Nice job bro!

    Check out WW3 for iOS 9/10 - Widget-Weather 3.0
    2013-06-16 06:22 AM
  19. Yugo's Avatar
    2013-06-17 05:21 PM
  20. Darka5sa5sin's Avatar
    I want this!! That Darth Vader icon is the business!!
    2013-06-17 06:45 PM
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