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    Would it be possible to untheme a specific app's icon? I've included an edited picture of my SB. I want to make the Google Search app a small button in the middle of the screen. I know I can place it there with Iconoclasm. How would I get the icon to resemble the small round mic button I created? The problem is getting AppIconMask, AppIconOverlay, and AppIconShadow NOT to theme this icon. Honestly I have a feeling it may not be possible.

    iPhone 4S on 6.1.2

    Any ideas or advice would be great!

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    2013-06-27 02:34 PM
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    I think it could be possible. If that icon is smaller than the 114x114 mask AppIconMask applies then it could still be masked but that it doesn't affect your icon image. The AppIconOverlay could be an issue but its hit & miss when it works & AppIconShadow would display too.

    Have a go. I'd pull the AppIconMask into PS & build the google icon inside it. If it doesn't touch the masking areas it could work.

    Don't know if u don't try...
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    2013-06-27 08:59 PM
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    Just create a folder inside your theme with the name (Icons) then place two copies of the icon that you want not to be themed with the icon mask and rename them exactly as it apear on the springboard with the extensions .png and @2x.png for example:
    For the modmyi app would be
    Your theme/Icons/ModMyi.png and [email protected] and respring!
    2013-06-27 11:18 PM
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    Isn't that for SummerBoard Mode only?
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    2013-06-27 11:23 PM
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    Isn't that for SummerBoard Mode only?
    Yup, would have to be.
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    2013-06-28 03:16 AM
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    Check this out! Using NowNow (a google voice search tweak) and iWidgetTapper, I made the microphone button an iwidget that when pressed will automatically start a google search using the mic.

    2013-07-03 03:13 PM