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    Finally it's summer!

    Despite the vagaries of the weather, we finally almost all known real sweet and sunny days that have left us with a taste of holidays in the mouth.
    It is time to put your iPhone lockscreen with summer colors by installing A TiP LS Beach!

    A TiP LS Beach: New Lockscreen for iPhone 4 & 4S-titre.png

    This Winterboard theme will gratify your lockscreen with a beautiful beach where gorgonian and shells came sunbathing. Stripped of its bulky translucent bars, the theme will unlock your iPhone with a nice crab and the camera grabber will now hide under the imprint of a foot.

    Once in charge, a giant shell will appear gradually as the level of your battery will increase. If you have the tweak Springtomize, we recommend that you enable "Always see the wallpaper."

    Avalaible on Cydia. For iOS 6.
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