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    Greetings All,

    I have been a happy owner of a evasi0n jailbroken iPad 6.1 for a little while now and upto yesterday morning it was working just the way that it should. That was, until I decided to delete a theme to try another...

    I knew that I should have performed a backup beforehand, but I thought, this is simple it won't take long.

    After the removal process failed and eventually presented me with the Apple logo I discovered that all the Apple app icons were gone along with all my Cydia tweak icons (iFile, SBSettings, Barrel etc) and Cydia itself. Not hidden or hiding, but gone. I couldn't find them anywhere. No Safari, no Music, no App Store, no Stocks, no Weather, no Calculator and no Settings.

    The apps that remain all work as expected, but without any sound. Curiously, although the tweak icons are gone (eg Barrel), the tweak still works!

    I fired up iFunBox and eventually established that the contents of the root /Applications folder had been wiped and the folder has a date stamp of the precise time that I attempted to remove the rogue theme.

    I've looked at the backup that iTunes takes and it does not include this folder. None of the backups I have contain this folder.

    I've managed to manually re-install Cydia via iFunBox SSH terminal and finding a cydia deb package and I can see the new Cydia install in the root /Applications folder. Eventually I can re-install my Cydia apps, but how do I get the standard-issue apps back? If not all of them, maybe just Safari, Music, App Store and Settings and without compromising my jailbreak.

    Many Thanks for reading and in anticipation of any positive pointers.

    2013-06-30 03:36 AM
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    Hi, unfortunately, it appears that you can't pull files out of a iOS6.1 ipsw for your the iPad3 so you will need to find find someone with the same jailbroken device and copy files over. Zip them first so you don't loose their file permissions.
    I have an iOS6.1 iPad2, using iFile, in the root, there is a blue shortcut link called Applications, which points to folder
    /var/stash/Applications.hSCpm1 (might be different for iPad3?)
    Maybe someone out there with the same device can offer to email you some files.
    I can only offer to email you iPad2 stuff if you get stuck.
    2013-06-30 01:28 PM
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    Many Thanks for your reply DC_Dave. Admittedly, I had investigated the possibility of extracting the files from the IPSW, but as you say it just isn't possible (the dmg files are encrypted and the key is not recorded anywhere)

    Again, I had considered getting a copy of the files from another jailbroken iPad3. As this appears to be the best of the remaining options I'll give this a try.

    Does anybody have a Jailbroken iPad3 6.1 that would be willing to share the pertinent sections of their "Applications" folder?

    DC_Dave - if I don't receive any iPad3 offers, I will come back to you and take you up on your very kind offer.

    Many Thanks

    2013-06-30 01:42 PM
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    My applications folder
    Deleted Applications Folder Contents-img_0576.png

    Deleted Applications Folder Contents-img_0577.png

    Hi, I had a similar issue to you on my iPhone 4, where I deleting a file/folder which should not have crashed the iOS. This happened as soon as I hit delete. The only thing I could put it down to was that I had deleted the file from within the search results of iFile's hierarchy window. Now as a safety precaution, I will still search for the file, but instead, I now navigate directly to that file before deleting it. I also keep the trash can on.
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    2013-06-30 01:52 PM
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    Ipad 2 on 6.0.1 if Icahn help let me know
    2013-06-30 07:12 PM