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    Hello all. Modmyi newbie here. Love my iPhone 5 and Mini jailbroken with evasi0n. (both 6.1.2)

    I have an interesting situation. When I close my iPad Mini smart cover (both an official Apple and a third party), there is about a 6 or 7 second delay before the screen turns off. When I enter Safe Boot, the delay goes away and the Mini immediately sleeps, so I reason it's a tweak causing the problem.

    I've turned off anything that can be "Disabled" one after the other, but nothing makes a difference so far. i know I can probably uninstall every tweak one at a time, but that's awfully time-consuming.

    Just wondering if anyone else has ever noticed this oddity.


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    2013-07-03 05:10 AM
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    Answering my own question above… sort of. I finally traced the problem to the newest version of Activator (, which I LOVE. Although this delayed sleep issue could be a particular action Ive enabled, it doesn't seem likely. Just wondering if anyone else has noticed the issue described above.

    Also, I'd be grateful for advice on an app or tweak that may show what's robbing battery (or using too much processor). Something I installed recently is dragging battery life, but I can't determine which.


    2013-07-03 06:44 AM