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    My friend used to have an iPod Touch that she used for texting through iMessage, but it took a bath recently and the rice trick didn't work. She wasn't sure which generation it was aside from the fact that it didn't have a camera, so I guessed it was a 2nd-gen and found a decent used one on eBay. Well, she discovered when the iPod arrived that the App Store no longer supports 2nd-gen iPods, apparently, and buying a 3rd-gen instead isn't a good option for her right now.

    She was able to jailbreak it with greenpois0n and install Cydia, but now we're having a hard time trying to find a messaging app that will actually be useful. Apparently some can receive SMS messages but not send them or vice versa, which makes no sense, and since she only has wi-fi access on the iPod and no wireless plan, I'm not sure if that would work anyway.

    So: does anyone know a good alternative to iMessage for a jailbroken iPod, or another way to text with an iPod that can't access the App Store? As I understand it, iMessage itself isn't available through Cydia because it's proprietary, but surely there's something similar.
    2013-07-11 01:23 AM