1. w1kk3d's Avatar
    Hi, I'm using a 16GB Wifi iPad 3 and tried to semirestore it today because of the massive amount of tweaks I had installed & random crashes in Apps, which I blame on Mobile Substrate or several incompatibilities.

    First of all, Semirestore didn't remove anything except my apps and preferences.
    (Cydia Apps like SBS, VLC, XBMC, etc. were still on the homescreen & tweaks like FolderEnhancer were still installed - even after running it about 4 times.)

    SBSettings didn't show up in the Notification Center even after reinstalling both SBSettings and Mobile Substrate.

    I decided to completely uninstall all of the tweaks Cydia wouldn't need to run itself.

    Cydia crashed while uninstalling - now I'm stuck on the Apple logo.
    Any suggestions? (Except restoring of course, I know I'd have to go to 6.1.3... )
    Thanks in advance...
    2013-07-15 11:11 AM
  2. smith01's Avatar
    1, its impossible to brick an iPhone. I've been dealing with them since the iPhone 1 and I've jailbroken all of them many times as I work in a repair center and I've never seen or bricked an iPhone.

    Make sure its off. If not hold POWER and HOME buttons for 20 seconds.
    Connect to PC.
    With the iPhone OFF hold POWER and HOME buttons for 5 seconds.
    Let go of POWER button KEEPING HOME button pressed.
    You will hear the PC say its connected to the iPad in DFU mode.
    Load up iTunes and it will say to restore the iPhone.

    See, its not bricked its just stuffed up.

    (Change iPhone for iPod, iPad, iWhatever you got as they all do the same things the same way)

    And in your case try loading up on normal mode.
    Turn off the iPad. Hold one of the VOLUME buttons, I forget which one so try UP and if it doesnt work reboot and hold DOWN.
    it will boot up without jailbreak mode. That way you can remove whatever you want from Cydia and that usually fixes some problems.
    2013-07-25 10:42 AM