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    Attached you may find some information on a Lockscreen theme I am currently using (inspired by an iOS App called Cal | Your Life )

    Lockscreen is based on Oldsters BasicTheme,

    This LS includes
    Weather Icons from Mone
    Optional Slideshow / Weather depended Wallpaper
    Optional GPS weather
    Fade-In of Forecast by touch event
    Fullscreen mode activation by touch event (Slideshow or Full-Weather Wallpaper - can be changed in setup.js)

    Here you can see some screenshots

    Download the LS theme from itheming (you need to scroll down)
    Download from Itheming here (33MB)

    I recorded a video to better demonstrate the touch effects

    credits to oldster, yamas, Mone, Henftling, mks and all the others I missed
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