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    A TiP LS iOS7 Elegance is a synthesis of the wallpapers used in the themes "A TiP LS iOS7" and "A TiP LS iOS7 Signature".

    Soberly luminous and simple, we find the bright colors that characterize them. The number 7 is back side by side of the logo of our muse for beautify with a thousand lights the lockscreen of your iPhone 5!

    Hope you enjoy it as much as the other 2 Now available on Cydia...

    A TiP LS iOS7 Elegance i5-i5b.png
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    2013-08-27 08:12 PM
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    it looks great, free release ?!
    2013-08-31 05:36 AM
  3. TiP's Creators's Avatar
    2013-08-31 08:35 AM