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    Hi all,
    I had an issue with my hot-spot so someone advised me to reset network settings which I did. But after this I noticed that my tweaks and Activator gestures are not working so I checked Cydia but once I click its icon it just flashes quickly and nothing happens. So I checked all the apps from cydia including ones I downloaded using Instalous or Appcake but all these apps act the same as cydia...just icons on the iphone but not real action.

    Also all cydia apps that appear in "Settings" menu (e.g. activator) don't appear anymore!

    N.B.: All other normal Appstore apps work fine.

    Would anyone know what exactly is going on? Did I lose all my Cydia stuff for good!??
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    2013-09-16 11:05 AM
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    Piracy is not allowed here. Please read the forum rules. It takes away miner from devs and messes up ya phone at that.
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