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    hey guys long story short i got my girls old iphone 4s. it was jailbroken(yay) now i see that semi-restore clears all the data out. i go ahead and download it and run it. everything goes smooth its back up and running. all her old programs and tweaks are gone. but for some reason now when i go into cydia and download lets say sbsettings. for what ever reason it will not show up in the settings menu....... aghhhhhhhhhhh. thanks for any help or input. it just has me puzzled..... running ios 6.1.2 btw. thanksss

    oh when i click on the activator app on the home screen a box pops up and says most feat. of activator are disabled bc mobile sub is not functioning. it gives a restart button to return to normal mode but it still not working. any ideas
    2013-09-22 08:21 PM
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    Go back in cydia and search mobile substrate and reinstall
    2013-09-23 04:16 AM
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    You will probably save yourself a ton of trial and error if you do a *true* restore in iTunes. Just make sure it's iTunes version 10.7. iTunes 11.1+ will not work. Of coarse you will have to build a signed iPSW with SHSH blobs.

    Use iFaith to extract the blobs, then build an iPSW with those blobs. It's easy and iFaith walks you rite through it.

    If you use Sn0wbreeze, then your phone will already be jailbroken *during* the restore process. That way you won't have to jailbreak afterwords. I always use Sn0wbreeze when I can. iFaith will just restore to a stock iPSW, then you'll have to jailbreak w/ a separate tool after the restore.

    Reinstalling Mobile Substrate may fix your problem, but chances are that there is something that Semi-Restore could not remove and will continue to give you problems. If you do a real restore, then you are literally *guaranteed* that ALL problem files are gone.

    It's some extra steps, but its completely worth it. You'll have to downgrade iTunes 11.1 to 10.7 first. I'll help w/ that if ya need me too. But after iTunes is downgraded just:

    1)download iFaith>extract blobs from phone
    2)build iPSW with iFaith(or Sn0wbreeze) w/ those blobs.
    3) enter PWNED DFU mode w/ iREB (located within iFaith & Sn0wbreeze) & shift+restore and select signed(SHSH) iPSW.

    And now your phone is *truly* restored, which is not what Semi-Restore nor iLEX RAT offers.

    Just remember to install tweaks slowly, one at a time, and check compatibility first. That's all there is to it. Blindly installing tweaks without reading up on them is usually what cause jailbroken devices problems.
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    2013-10-11 04:57 PM