1. xxericxx123's Avatar
    I sshed my theme into my ipod and it was fine. Then my friend downloaded it off cydia and he has the same version as me and for him non of the icons that i changed were changed for him, except for all the apps (appmask). I downloaded it and it was fine. Do you know why it isnt working for him?
    2013-09-26 02:44 AM
  2. Sk37cH's Avatar
    Try some trouble shooting. Here's some things you may have tried already.

    1.) Rename the theme you've SSH'd. Then download your theme from Cydia. This should be done as soon as it hits cydia. Even if you've compiled into a deb, it's still pulled down and recompiled by the repo you submit it to. So I always make sure it's being installed correctly myself.

    2.) Ask your friend to submit his cydia logs to you via the dev tab in Cydia. This will show his device and firmware. It could be something different like the icon name changes between firwares.

    3.) If all that seems ok, then get him to send you a screen of what he has active in Winterboard. It may be another theme is taking priority?

    Hope you get it sorted. Cheers👍👊
    2013-09-26 04:50 PM