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    I have an iPod touch 4 8gb jailbroken running 6.1.3. Itis showing that I have 0 bytes of free memory in settings. As a result I cannot download apps, or take photos etc. I am very sure that I have not actually filled up every last byte of space on my iPod and am wondering what is causing this and if there is any known solution other than a restore. I encountered this same issue just a few weeks ago and had to do a full restore/rejailbreak to resolve it. As you can guess I'm not overly excited at the thought of doing it again. Any help would be appreciated and if this is in a bad spot just lemme know.
    Thank you.

    UPDATE: I disabled most of my tweaks through SBSettings. Since doing this the iPod is showing the correct free memory statistics. I'll continue reimplementing tweaks to see where the conflict lies/which tweak is responsible.

    UPDATE II: The issue presented itself again even with all tweaks disabled. Uninstalling tweaks seems to have no effect. Restoring and rejailbreaking now in the hopes this does not happen a third time. If anyone has ANY input as to why this is happening/how to solve without a restore please share. If not for me then for the next poor sap who gets stuck with this issue.

    UPDATE III: I have had success regarding this issue. Whenever this issue occurs I simply do a hard reset (hold home and power buttons until restart). This seems to clear this issue right up. I hope this helps someone as this has been a very frustrating issue for me.
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